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10-01-2010, 12:59 PM
hi popsy...their daughter rebecca was the first wife of my gr granpa john mcquarrie she died quite young leaving him with a good few children..my gran mary mc clune was his second wife ...altogether between the two wives he fathered about twentyone children ..my father hector being one of them,ill have a look at my tree and let you know dads half siblings names...
jean mcquarrie.

26-01-2011, 9:17 PM
thanx for your reply, i think we have spoke before on another website and you gave me the names of the other kids, i am trying to find out about francis's father, john mcsherry/mccherry/mcsherrie who was married to m.s.girr or mcgirr, i found them on the dalbeattie catholic register but unfortunately it was not a good copy and very old so couldnt read it, any help wi this one would be much appreciated, sand.

27-01-2011, 10:36 AM
Hi there

I expect you have already seen these, but looking at the index on the Catholic registers on SP there is a birth of a Margaret McSherry in 1817 in Dalbeattie, father John. Possible sibling for Francis? I don't know if the actual record will name the mother.
Also on 'other events' on the Dalbeattie Catholic registers there are 4 events recorded for a John McSherry between 1811 and 1812. No idea what these events are though.

30-01-2011, 7:11 PM
trying to find out about the macsherry's of armagh, anyone who has any info at all?????????? in particular i am looking for john who left ireland and came to scotland, please let someone know something think it would be late 1700's he left but just a guess...

30-01-2011, 7:15 PM
thanx for your reply grisel, had a look at these entries and realised that i have been looking for john mcsherry in scotland when infact he may have been irish, started looking there, gonna be a long hunt, i had infact seen these before many moons ago and discarded them because his wifes name was different but now i see his wife was left in ireland with his 5 kids so maybe he never went back and had a family over here. am just guessing but worth a try. thanx again, popsy.

31-01-2011, 8:23 PM
hi this is the info i have : francis mcsherrie born1818 at kelton, married elizabeth nee barr from kirkcudbright, scotland. they had margaret born 1841, rebecca born 1843 and william 1858. william married elizabeth milroy born 1856 and they had a son thomas edward born 1882. rebecca married j.mcquarrie and they had sons, alex born 1877, lachlan 1872, frederick 1879, william 1885, john 1867 and daughters jane 1874 agnes 1880, elizabeth 1882.
i believe francis's father was john mcsherrie/mcsherry and as i cannot find him on any scottish registers etc i am begining to wonder if perhaps he may have came to scotland from ireland, just a long shot but i can find a john mcsherry on catholic records for dalbeattie parish but for other events not marriage or birth, dont know what other events could be either.??
dont know if this makes things any clearer or not but hope so....

01-02-2011, 1:36 PM
From earlier posts i think Francis was buried in Crossmichael and looking at SP think that would be Francis Sherrie d 1895, birth yr 1818. So I think his parents' names would have come from his death cert. Perhaps you could confirm this popsy?

I was so intrigued by 'other events' in the catholic records I used up a few credits and looked up one of them, the most recent, 1812. For the information of others it is I think, a register of parishioners and states ' John McSherry xx(?) 36, County Armagh married to Peggy Short now in Ireland, has 5 children also in Ireland. Lives now in Dalbeattie. Came here May 12.' (The 36 is his age , I can't make out the abbreviation just before it.)

Can you tell us what the other 3 John McSherry records were please? Do they refer to the same John?

Also the record for the birth of Margaret McSherry, (father John )in 1817 - can you tell us who the mother was please?

The John from Armagh may well be Francis's father but a bit more proof is needed I think.

02-02-2011, 7:48 PM
hi grisel, you are correct in that i got francis's parents names fro his death certificate but if i have found the correct john mcsherry then the mothers name is different, however, the catholic records that you found state that john mcsherry came from ireland and was married to peggy short, they had five children, eldest being twins, possibly nine years old, betty, mary, alice, tom and michael. (this was the info from 1811 and 1812 catholic records). the next 1812 records state 'macsherry john of 36, county armagh married to peggy short, now in ireland, have 5 children also in ireland, living now in dalbeattie, came here may 12.' now i'm thinking that they all came over and he stayed and she didn 't and perhaps he just went on to start another life - but i'm only grasping at straws. will let you know when i checked out margarets parents names of birth certificate.
thanx in advance for your help

02-02-2011, 8:24 PM
ok now i am banging my head against the wall!!! margaret does indeed belong to john mcsherry registered in 1817 to him and margaret short, same as above mentioned, she was aged 5 months at registration and yet in 1812 margaret short was said to be back in ireland - i now completely baffled, might try armagh records and see if i can find mgt.short n her family. any suggestions??
think my fathers family determined to stay a mystery!!!!!