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27-10-2010, 11:27 AM
There are on Family Search, a batch of submitted parish record marriages from St. Mary at Lambeth which have neither a specific date or bride's surname. I cannot find the marriage it lists on Ancestry parish records so am dubious it exists.

It's a marriage of a John Jones to Sarah 1792 St. Mary at Lambeth, batch number 6020216
source call 1621514.

I understand that submitted parish records on the IGI give a clue... but am wondering if this record is sending me off the scent and how I can confirm one way or the other.

Thank you!

27-10-2010, 12:15 PM
It could be that the IGI records are actually Banns of Marriage and not actual marriages. Not all people who had banns read actually got married, or they may have married in another church.

This is a common problem with the IGI - many Scottish banns are listed as Marriages and so it often appears as though there are two marriages!

27-10-2010, 12:41 PM
Thank you. That's good to know although Ancestry do have banns of marriage also and no trace of this as banns or marriage.

Pam Downes
27-10-2010, 12:53 PM
Without wishing to be rude to the submitter of the IGI entry, I think you can safely treat that entry as a load of rubbish. No surname for the bride, no date, and it says 'of St Mary Lambeth' not 'at' St Mary Lambeth.
Probably somewhere there is a record which indicates that John and Sarah lived at one time in the parish of St Mary Lambeth, but living in a parish at some unknown time doesn't prove that's that where they married.
If you've gone through the pages of the PR for St Mary Lambeth - not just relied on Ancestry's indexing :biggrin: - then you've done what you can to confirm that the entry doesn't exist for 1792.
What you can then do is to go through the pages for previous and later years to see if there is an entry, and/or see if there are any Jones baptisms with parents John and Sarah in the parish - or other parishes. I don't suppose John or Sarah lived long enough to make the 1851 census, did they, so you could get an (alleged) birthplace?

27-10-2010, 1:03 PM
How does 1786 sound? Because on Ancestry there is a John Jones (widower) marrying Sarah Jones (spinster) at St Mary, Lambeth on 5th September 1786.

27-10-2010, 11:04 PM
Thanks Pam, you are voicing what I suspected. A couple of John and Sarah Joneses did baptise children at St. Mary at Lambeth and I'm trying to figure out which might be my ancestors. No, I don't believe they survived until 1851. Thank you!

Hi Thomasin, I've seen that marriage before. There seems to be no immediate baptisms after this marriage at St. Mary at Lambeth and my Sarah was baptised in 1796 but it remains of interest. Not Jones and Jones though!

30-10-2010, 11:34 PM
For the sake of Alison and all of us who are chasing Joneses around London, this is just to bump her thread up to the top again.

We each have a John and Sarah Jones of Lambeth in our lines, and for a few days we thought it was the same couple. However, mine were married in 1803, whereas Alison has baptisms beginning in the 1790s. |help|