24-10-2010, 12:59 PM
Oh why do my Scottish ancestors have to be so complicated!!

My last known definite ancestor is William BREMNER supposedly born at Rafford, Morayshire (Source: 1851 census) or born Banffshire (source 1841 census). Year of birth calculated as 1790-1801 (from 1841,1851 and death)
Parents listed as John & Margaret from Death certificate in 1857.

William married Margaret Urquhart at Drainie (Morayshire?) in 1820 and had 8 children baptised at Fordyce, banffshire (Margaret 1825, Jane 1827, May 1827, Alexander 1829, William 1832, John Mc. Bean 1834, Jean/Jane 1837 and Janet 1840) Their first child Agnes was born 1822-1823 but I can not find baptism.

Now the problem is that the only William Bremner I can find born to a John & margaret at Rafford, was baptised 1784, which is at least 6 years out!

I have researched the family of John BRANDER who married Margaret Carroch in 1778 at Forres.
Their first child John (1779) is listed in Forres baptism register under the name of BRANDER which is then crossed out and corrected to BEMNER. Father John BRANDER crossed out and corrected to BREMNER mother Margeret Carrach. Subsequent children Margaret (1782), William (1784) James (1787) and Janet (1790) are listed under name of BREMNER baptised at Rafford

As far as I can tell Margaret (1782) married Alexander HARDIE in 1810 at Rafford, and James married Isabella SUTER/SUTOR in 1811 at Forres. Cannot find a marriage or burial of John (1779), William (1784) or Janet (1790) at Rafford or Forres.

Another possibility is that whoever registered William's death in 1857 got his parent's names wrong - and I have found a baptism of a William Bremner in 1794 at Keith, Banffshire to John Bremner and Janet LONGMOOR. However I think this baptism is less likely to be correct one (wrong place and wrong mother's name).

Hopefully someone may recognise this family!
I am really confused, and may be stuck on this forever!