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06-10-2010, 3:59 PM
Hi all,

Please excuse my ignorance in this area but I have just found out to my delight that one of my ancestors (who was a Corporal serving in the British Army - RAMC in Malta between 1885-1904) had married a Malta lady and had 6 children in Malta and 1 in Aldershot. I found all this info. from his service records. I have found baptisms for nearly all the children from the Malta Family History site's Army Chaplain's index but no marriage entry found and I would like to order a copy of these baptisms but how do I go about this as I haven't ordered baptism records overseas before?

Also, at the time of his marriage in 1888 I'm certain that they would have had a local church marriage because he was also Roman Catholic at this time. I have the date of the marriage in 1888 from the service records with Vol VI 311 written next to it in pencil but there is a column that states date of being placed on married roll is May 1900. Does that mean that the registered marriage date I have to inform the overseas GRO section is in 1900 or the 1888 date? Also, I searched on Familyrelatives site and found a marriage within the Consultate Marriages 1886-1890 index registered within Cairo district. Could this have been their civil marriage for British law?

Any advice would be most welcomed.


Peter Goodey
06-10-2010, 4:19 PM
I don't know anything about the Malta Family History site but I would check the GRO references from Findmypast. Otherwise, just tell GRO everything you know.

Cairo is surely a red herring. If the wife wasn't on the strength until 1900, she wouldn't be in Cairo in 1886-1890 to get married! Or perhaps I've misunderstood what you mean.

06-10-2010, 5:40 PM
Peter, does on the strength mean when she had an army marriage? The confusion I have is that the service records state that the marriage date is 12th August 1888 but there is a column near this which is headed 'date of being placed on married roll' and in this column the date written is 30th May 1900. Unless the army delayed and didn't inform the GRO until 1900?

The Cairo marriage I thought may be correct as the bride's names matched and because it was between 1886-1890 around the same date as their first marriage in Malta?

Peter Goodey
06-10-2010, 6:59 PM
As I understand it each regiment had a limited number of vacancies for the married roll and it was quite possible to have to wait several years to be accepted onto it.

If they were on the roll, the family could travel with the regiment, eat army rations and live in barracks with the soldier. If they weren't on the roll, the family had to stay behind and fend for themselves.

The marriage was in 1888 and they had to wait 12 years to get on the roll.

If you're curious about the Cairo marriage, perhaps you ought to get that one as well.