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20-07-2010, 10:10 AM
I am anxious to find the birth and death details of a James Eadie (sometimes recorded as Aidie or Adam), Coal Miner living in Barony, Glasgow, who married Christian McLaren from Aberfoyle, in February 1816. James Eadie must have died between sometime between 1831 and 1840 - as his youngest son was born 10.3.1932 and Christian remarried in April 1840.

Christian McLaren died in Shettleston on 23rd August 1863 aged 76. She was born in Callallender, Perthshire.

I have been searching for the birth and death details of this James Eadie since the late 1960s and checked all the usual sources, so any suggestions welcome.

Alan Eadie

20-07-2010, 12:52 PM
Hi Alan

Do you have a church for Christian's 1840 marriage? This may give you a general geograhical area to check for James' burial The Mitchell library in Glasgow might be able to suggest the most likely cemetery based on that. The Mitchell does have microfilm records for some Glasgow cemeteries (not online - think you would have to visit) and additional records are held by Glasgow City council.



21-07-2010, 5:48 AM
Hi Alan, I presume you have thoroughly searched familysearch / scotlandspeople OPRs? There's 79 (incl. dupolicates) James Eadies chr. 1784-184 for example: some of these you could rule out quite easily I imagine. Where were they married? What evidence do you have he was from Barony? What does the marriage record state? A little more info. might help.

21-07-2010, 12:57 PM
Hi Grisel and Bertie,

Many thanks for your comments and suggestions. Much appreciated. I have details of two OPR entries for the marriage of James and Christian. They are (1) an entry in Barony dated 11.2.1816 that reads 'James Eadie Coalier Gairbread & Christian McLaren in the parish of Aberfoyle married by the Rev Dr Pat Graham' and (2) an entry for Aberfoyle dated 24.2.1816 that reads 'This day James Eadie of Barony Glasgow and Christian McLaren of this parish gave in their names for proclamation of Banns in order to marry thrice on Sunday first'.

I appreciate that is is very unusual for Banns to be proclaimed after the marriage so I suspect that Christian may have been pregnant and possibly untruths were told in Barony prior to the actual marriage in Aberfoyle on the first Sunday after the 24th February 1816.

James and Christian had eight children as follows: -

Eldest child birth details unknown; Agnes b 8.8.1818; third child details unknown; Jane b 16.3.1822; Daniel b 17.8.1824; Christian b 14.4.1826; Catherine b 11.7.1830 and Andrew b 10.3. 1832. All were born either in Barony or Old Monkland. As a Coal Miner I believe the family moved as coal mines became exhausted and others opened up further out. A few generations later the family ended up in Hamilton. My suspicion is that he died either in (i) a mining accident but I have not found him listed as such, or more likely (ii) an epidemic of some sort where the family were keen to get him buried without recording the event?

I have looked at a list of possible James Eadie births but have never been able to reduce these down to a managable number. I have also looked at the list of cemeteries but living in Kent, coupled with old age, means that opportunities to visit Glasgow/Aberfoyle are not that practical.


21-07-2010, 1:39 PM
Hi Alan - thanks for the extra info. I can see both marriage entries on familysearch: interesting that the one in Aberfoyle is shown as a marriage - in my experience the extracted information is (mis-transcriptions apart) quite accurate, so a little odd! Also odd is that the Aberfoyle OPR entry you quote above says "to marry" so were they already married in Barony, had Banns read later in Aberfoyle, but then did not marry there???

I imagine Gairbread is a mis-transcription of where he lived, presumably Glasgow area?

Do you know what connection Christian has with Barony, as actually married there?

Re. poss. births James EADIE born 07 Oct 1802, Barony, parents John EADIE and Mary MARSHALL (C119685). John EDDIE married Mary MARSHALL 25 Nov 1801, Barony (M119662). If you get the birth and marriage entries it might help esp. if father is a collier / miner!

There are other Glasgow births but none Barony

21-07-2010, 2:57 PM
Hi Alan - I couldn't keep away. As I am a firm believer in sweating every piece of genealogical information I thought I'd do a check on Rev. Dr. Pat Graham.

Well, it appears, if you do a search on him he is mentioned in "Notices and documents illustrative of the literary history of Glasgow, during the greater part of last century" (published 1831) which you can read online or download as a PDF from book.google.co.uk. On page 134 of this book it mentions Dr. Pat (i.e. Patrick) Graham Minr (i.e. Minister) of Aberfoyle!!! Now that it interesting - it could be he officiated at the marriage in Barony, but registered it also in his home parish of Aberfoyle? Perhaps more likely given the dates, the couple's local parish, i.e. Barony, recorded the marriage that actually took place previously in Aberfoyle for some reason, perhaps to do with or assocaited with a birth around that time - you'd need to look at the OPR page to see if it gives more clues. Or there may be another explanation, but there is only one marriage!

What this seems to show is that James from Barony married in Aberfoyle - does that make sense? Did he meet Christian in Barony?

Do you have them in the 1841 / 1851 census. Is he still alive in 1855 (if so, his death cert. would be very helpful)

If you google reverend patrick graham aberfoyle quite a few entries come up - so might be worth looking at some to see if there is anything that adds to your couple.

21-07-2010, 3:41 PM
Just had a look at the births - do you have OPR records for them all by any chance, as all I could find were:

Agnes b. 08 Aug 1818, chr. 13 Sep 1818, Barony (C119689) parents James EADIE and Christina GLEN (!!!): no others born Barony 1816-1819

Jane b. 16 Mar 1822, Carnock, Callander parents James and Christian (but a submitted IGI so need to verify)

Daniel b. 17 Aug 1824, chr. 09 Jan 1825, Barony (C119664) parents James and Christian: no others born Barony 1819-1829

Christinia b. 01 Apr 1826 parents James and Christinia (submitted IGI so need to verify - give husband and death in Utah)

Catherine b. 11 Jul 1830 parents James and Christian (another submitted IGI!)

Andrew: can find no record at all

Poss. missed some due to different spellings

21-07-2010, 4:09 PM
Hi Bertie,

Many thanks for your further comments. I understood that GAIRBRAID is situated on the left bank of the Kelvin near Maryhill, in the Barony parish but I am not a native. I have no doubt that the Rev Pat Graham was the vicar at Aberfoyle and that Christian and her family came from that area. Hence she would have married at Aberfoyle. She was born in Callander circa 1787. She obviously lived with her husband in Barony after marriage (if not before). Thanks also for the possible births of James Eadie, though I cannot help wondering if my James also originated from the Aberfoyle area or thereabouts way back? There are numerous Eadies in the Dunblane, Muthill, Kilmadock and other areas in Perthshire. The problem is pinning down my James Eadie. Alas he is not in the 1841 census as Christian had remarried in April 1840. I have had a look at some google entries for Patrick Graham and most interesting they are.


21-07-2010, 4:12 PM

I imagine Gairbread is a mis-transcription of where he lived, presumably Glasgow area?


I think this will be Gairbraid which is in the Maryhill area of Glasgow. Google Gairbraid House for some further information.

21-07-2010, 4:37 PM
Hi Bertie,

Thanks for your further posting re the births. I have certificates for all those I named but I am missing details of the first and third born. Re Agnes the Christina GLEN is simply poor writing for McLaren. I should have added that Jane was actually recorded as Aidie but definitely born at Old Monkland on 16.3.1822 on the birth certificate that I have. So puzzled by your entry. I have Christian recorded as Adam born 14.4.1826 at Old Monkland. So puzzled by the reference to 'death in Utah'? Catherine also recorded as Adam on 11.7.1830 at Old Monkland. Andrew is also recorded as Adam born Old Monkland on 10.3.1832 (bapt on 25.3.1832).


21-07-2010, 5:53 PM
Hi Alan - I'm still puzzled why the marriage was also recorded in Barony when clearly married in Aberfoyle! Is there a clue on the OPR page? What theory do you have for their whereabouts / movements? If James from Aberfoyle or vicinity, how did he get to be in Barony to work and then later marry in Aberfoyle (even assuming Christian was a childhood sweetheart or suchlike)?

Re. the births:
I thought that might be the case for Agnes;
Jane - this is a submitted IGI so not extracted from a parish record so must be treated with caution, and I can now see yours on familysearch, but if you input Jane Eadie father James 1822 as exact year you can see the record for yourself: strange it is the exact same date, but different location - only underlines the need to see the original record!
Christian: input Christinia and 1826 and you'll see submitted IGI for birth in Monkland, death 14 Dec 1856 Cedar City, Iron, Utah married William Davidson 21 Jan 1843: this looks to be a 'good' submitted IGI as the marriage is properly extracted, married Old Monkland - on that basis, it does look as though they went to the USA

Re. other births finding them under Adam (rather than I presume Adie) must have been a challenge for you!

22-07-2010, 9:13 AM
Hi Bertie,

I have assumed the possible movement of James from farmland in Perthshire to become a coal miner in Glasgow because of the industrial revolution and lowland clearances (similar to the highland clearances) of the time. If working in Barony and with Christian possibly pregnant and knowing they were to be married in Aberfoyle (from where she came from) I can understand their wish to get a marriage recorded in Barony earliest (and told a few fibs to achieve this). If only I could find the details of their first born to prove Christian's pregnancy.

I will check out Jane's birth as you indicate as this seems to point to the place from whence they (at least Christian) may well have originally came from. Both her parents (David Mclaren and Janet McNab) were born in Callander.

As to Christian/Christina (I believe these names were interchangeable in those days) I have her married to a William Davidson (b 22.6.1823 in Paisley) in Feb 1842 (no location) and Christian/Christina's death 14.12.1856 (again no location) but I have also a note that reads "Suspect family may have emigrated to USA (Iowa) in late 1840s". But alas I cannot now recall where I got this from. You must remember I have been bashing my head against this brick wall since the late 1960s and my memory these days is not what it used to be. But it does seem to line up with what you say. Will have to check how far apart Iowa and utah are.


22-07-2010, 10:04 AM
Just a thought - do you know if they followed the scottish naming convention for the births of their children: if so, that might give you a clue on, if there were other births, what the first name was of the 'missing' children.

22-07-2010, 10:34 AM

Thanks for that. The normal scottish namimg convention was subsequently followed so if the first born was male then he should have been an Andrew. In fact the last born was named Andrew and the fifth born was a Daniel which seems to rule out the early death of the first born. If the first born was a female she should have been a Janet. I have had no luck searching for either Janet or Andrew on Family Search. Must give ScotlandsPeople a whirl sometime.


24-07-2010, 9:59 AM
Alan I came across the following:

1832 Electoral Roll for Perthshire
I have just posted the 1832 Electoral Roll for the Parish of Callander in Perthshire :


Plenty of Stewart and Fergusons ! This completes the Parishes of Strathearn and those adjoining . More of Perthshire to follow in due course .

This is a post on Family Tree Forum. It might be worth a loook to see if any of your names are there?

25-07-2010, 1:03 PM

Many thanks for this. Surprisingly I was looking at this site the other day as a result of the Pharos genealogical course I am doing. I would really like to find out where Carnock, Callander is so I can focus on that area. So far I have found lots of Carnocks in Scotland but not one that is anywhere near Callander.