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31-03-2010, 2:43 AM
From the research I have done on the Marsh family and the help I have received from other members, I have concluded that this family had lived at this address since at least the early 1800's. My great, great grandparents are as far back as I can get. I have pictures of this residence and one of your members even took the time to drive by and inform me that the street level entrance is now a graphics company. The building is three stories and is next to a famous pub which is now the Crown Pub. My great great grandfather was an Architect & Surveyor as was his son Benjamin Marsh. I would love to find out more about this address such as "how old is the building?" What did it look like originally? Anything at all to do with that area in the early 1800's. Much appreciated.

31-03-2010, 6:18 AM
Hello Snoopy,

If you are after some general history of the area, then Curiosities of Dudley and the Black Country 1800 to 186 (http://www.parishchest.com/shop/index.php?cmd=viewproduct&cat=&id=P21168&pageOffset=2)0 by C. F. G. Clark in 1881 may be of interest. :smile5:

01-04-2010, 3:48 AM
Thanks Jan. However, I live on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada and doubt I could hunt down a copy. Perhaps you would be kind enough to tell me what book store I could order this from. Thank you. Norma

01-04-2010, 4:58 AM
Hello Norma,

Click the blue link in the post above and it will take you through to details of the book and our sponsors, Parish Chest. You will be able to order a copy through them.

15-04-2010, 4:20 AM
Have tracked down a copy of the book and ordered same. Thanks Jan. Norma