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12-03-2010, 5:00 PM
My ancestor Joseph Roberts c1845 of Whitchurch married Jane ????? (nee:- Thomas, Roberts, Hill or Knight) about 1866- 1867 in or around the Kinnerton area. Their first born son John b1867 lists Lower kinnerton as his birthplace.
Could anyone help as to the identity maiden name of his wife, BMD is inconclusive and the censuses dont help, so its probably going to be a church record, but where? Gt Broughton? Upper Kinnerton?
Any help or direction would be greatly recieved.

aka Robert Parker

12-03-2010, 6:28 PM
Hello Robert,

The Kinnertons (both Lower and Higher) came under the Great Boughton registration district until 1869. The only Joseph Roberts marriage to a Jane in this registration district (according to FreeBMD) occurred in the June quarter of 1867, volume 8a, page 512. There are two Janes listed - Hill and Knight.

I would usually suggest ordering the birth certificate for John to find out Jane's maiden name, but there are more John Roberts' births registered in Great Boughton in the time span than you can shake a stick at!

Did John have any siblings that would be easier to identify?

12-03-2010, 7:26 PM
Thanks Jan
John Roberts currently is a mystery to me as I only discovered him recently, but I do know about his 4 other brothers especially Llewyllyn b1876 in Woodley Cheshire as he is my maternal grandfather.
I have not as yet sent for his birth certificate which should aslo have his mothers maiden name (good idea, i never thought of that, thanks).
Joseph and Jane moved around abit, I found the family in Salford in the 1881 census and in Pott shrigley, (my birth place) Cheshire in the 1901 census.
The connection of Kinnerton and Johns birth about a year after thier marriage took me to the Gt Broughton area, and the Hill or Knight quandry.
Thanks for your help.