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15-01-2010, 4:49 PM
Believed to work on barges. How do I find them

Sue Mackay
15-01-2010, 5:15 PM
Welcome to the Forum. I have moved your post from One Name Studies (which is for people offering information on a particular name) to Canals and Watermen, where perhaps it will attract more interest.

15-01-2010, 5:33 PM
Believed to work on barges. How do I find them

Hello Bobelc and welcome to the forum.

When and where the family worked would be useful information to give us. The more we know the more we can search for you. ;)

Sue Mackay
15-01-2010, 5:42 PM
Putting in an occupation search on the 1881 census reveals

RG11; Piece: 3063; Folio: 86; Page: 6 (original at TNA, Crown copyright)
Shackleton End, Exhall, Warwickshire

George LAKIN 29 Canal Boatman (barge) born Stafford, Hordington.
Emma wife 27 b Exhall
Alfred 6
Sophia 4
Catherine 2
Children all born Exhall

15-01-2010, 6:23 PM
Many thanks for your advice, All I know is the name of one daughter Ellen Lakin who married a Robert Smith from Tipton. She was born about 1880 and married in 1902

15-01-2010, 6:28 PM
The only information I have is the one daughters name ( Ellen Lakin ) born in 1880 and married in 1902 to Robert Smith an Ironworker from Tipton

15-01-2010, 6:33 PM
This could be her then at 44 Hall Street, Tipton in 1881.
Charles Lakin age 27 born 1854
Martha Lakin age 26 born 1855
Ellen Lakin age 1 born 1880

but Charles was a labourer.

TNA record (crown copyright)

15-01-2010, 6:41 PM
You are in luck ;)
by 1891 Charles was a Barge Boatman living at 34 Lockside, Tipton.

Charles Lakin age 36, b~1855
Martha Lakin age 36, b~1855
Ellen Lakin age 12, b~1879
Alfd Lakin age 10, b~1881
Florrie Lakin age 7, b~1884
Martha Lakin age 2, b~1889
Thomas Elcock age 23, maybe wife's brother b~1868

TNA record (crown Copyright)

15-01-2010, 6:57 PM
Ellen is not with the family in 1901

Charles Lakin age 45, b~1856
Marther Lakin age 45, b~1856
Alfred Lakin age 19, b~1882
Martha Lakin age 11, b~1890
Charles Lakin age 8, b~1893
Annie Lakin age 5, b~1896

Both Charles and Alfred are on the canal barges and they are now at 18 Lockside.
RG13/2734//126/14 TNA record (crown Copyright)

15-01-2010, 8:03 PM
That is brilliant, everything fits espescially the mention of an Elcock which is definite proof.

Thank you very much, I cannot believe how quick you have been.

Thanks again Bob

15-01-2010, 8:10 PM
You are welcome,
all part of the service. ;)