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My great x 3 grandfather was Thomas Taylor, a Master Tailor and Draper. He was born about 1801 and died in 1887. Through successive census records from 1841-1881 he is shown as a Master Tailor employing various numbers of men.

Commercial directories indicate that there was a Thomas Taylor & Son - tailors and habit makers at 60 King Street, Manchester in 1815. There was also a Thomas Taylor, tailor, at Ridgefield (close to Picadilly) in 1797 who MAY have been his father.

My Thomas married Sarah Earl from Sheerness, Kent. They had 12 children and variously lived at 26 King Street, 46 John Dalton Street, 22 Thomas Street. Thomas and Sarah's eldest daughter Ann married William Robinson Foster a pattern designer and they ended their days in Chorlton-on-Medlock.

Any information about this Taylor family or about the tailor profession during this period would be most helpful.



27-02-2011, 9:31 PM
Hi there Lynne,
I believe were looking for the same family, my nannas side of family

1802 Thomas Taylor - Sarah Taylor (Earl)
1832 Thomas Taylor - Emma Taylor (?)
1868 Thomas Taylor - Matilda Taylor (Hall)
1901 Matilda Taylor - Herbert Cheakley
1931 C.... Cheakley - C.... Byrne my grandparents

If you have found any more information i would love to hear it

28-02-2011, 4:29 AM
Kelly I believe you are correct. I have quite a lot on this family.

Thomas Taylor who married Sarah Earl was a Master Tailor and Draper. I believe he was born in Manchester although the 1841 Census seems to indicate he was not born in Lancashire (I think this is incorrect). Sarah Earl quite definitely always claimed she was born in Sheerness, Kent in 1803. These two seem to have married in Lee Parish, Kent on 4 June 1827. Lee Parish apparently has a very picturesque church and was very popular for marriages in that area at the time. I have puzzled over why Thomas would have visited Sheerness enough times to court and marry and think that maybe Sarah's father was something to do with the Naval dockyards and Thomas's business was providing uniforms. But ... who knows.

Thomas and Sarah had 10 recorded children and I can account for 9 of them. John Taylor b 1830 in Manchester (and appearing in the 1841 Census as an 11 year old) seems to have disappeared. All the others achieved adulthood. There is a Thomas Taylor who appears in Scholes 1797 Directory as a tailor in Ridgefield Street (which is very close to John Dalton St). In 1815 there is a Thomas Taylor & Son, tailor and draper, at 60 King Street. That business appears in directories from 1815 to 1822. I believe this may have been Thomas and his father. In 1841 and 1851 the Taylor family are living in King Street and by 1861 are living in John Dalton Street. In 1871 they have moved to Thomas Street in Ardwick and in 1881 Thomas and Sarah are quite elderly and living with their eldest daughter, Ann who married William Robinson Foster who was a jacquard designer. They both died in 1887.

Thomas Taylor, son of Thomas and Sarah, shows in 1851 as 19 and an upholsterer's apprentice. In 1861 he is living in Salford in the home of William Whitter, a master coach builder. Thomas is married to Emma Whitter and they have two girls: Harriet 3 and Elizabeth 2. I could not find this family in the 1871 census but was contacted by another researcher who told me Thomas had gone to America and then returned. In 1881 and 1891, Emma Taylor is a widow and living with her children in Newton Heath. Her son Thomas is 13 and an office boy in 1881. Newton Heath is within the Registration District of Prestwich. I was born in Prestwich!!

Of the nine children I can account for in this family: Ann, as I have said, married William Robinson Foster as his second wife and they had no children; Edward Taylor appears to have died as a teenager; Harriet MAY have married a Thomas Taylor and emigrated to Lincoln, Ontario; William Taylor was a saddlemaker. He married and had 6 children. His wife died in 1886 and by 1891 he was working as a leather bag cutter with his son William and a lodger helping him; Alfred married a widow and had a further 5 children. He worked as a printer compositor; George was also a master tailor but died early as did his wife - they had 3 children; Septimus (my fellow) was also a printer compositor and eventually became an editor (I think) on the Manchester Guardian. He married and had 12 children with 7 of them living; Frederick was a sub-editor, married and had 3 daughters. So, out of 10 children, the two girls seem to have married, one boy became a tailor, three were involved in printing/editing, one was a saddler, one an upholsterer, one died young and one went missing.

I am most interested in any history on this family. Do you know anything about Thomas and Emma's family and America?