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06-01-2010, 8:02 AM
I have a Richard Truby born c.1840 in Bethnal Green, according to census.

His father was Richard Trubee, so the family story says, and came over from France and married and English lass named Elizabeth ?

I have been unable to find a birth for son Richard, or a marriage for the older Richard/Elizabeth and am starting to think that maybe the older Richard did originate in France. Elizabeth was a widow aged 33 in the 1851 census with son Richard aged 12 and daughter Elizabeth aged 8. (transcribed Truly)
I have been unable to find a death recorded for her husband.

Are there any birth records I can access for France to look for a birth of Richard Trubee/Truby c.1800+ just on the offchance he really was born over there.

On the younger Richard's marriage entry in 1858 it states his father was Richard Truby a tobacco cutter - but doesn't say he was deceased.

Many thanks

06-01-2010, 8:17 AM
Take this one step at a time.

Young Richard may have just missed registration but his sister Elizabeth might not have.

I have had a look at FreeBMD and found the following:

Elizabeth Ann Truby, June quarter 1843, Bethnal Green district, Volume 2, page 2
Elizabeth Ann Truby, June quarter 1843, Bethnal Green district, volume 2, page 5
(Please check the originals as one may be a mistranscription of the other)

Elizabeth Truby, September quarter 1843, St Geo East district, volume 2, page 69

By identifying and ordering the right certificate, it should provide the maiden name for Elizabeth (mum) and thus make finding a marriage a bit easier.

07-01-2010, 2:03 AM
Jan - thankyou for that thought - one I hadn't thought of, and of course that would be the best way to go - with the bonus of a BC giving me her mother's maiden name. I was so focused on Richard - I forgot about his sister.
When I order the cert I will add some particulars in the reference checking page in the hopes of getting the correct Elizabeth Truby.
Many thanks