View Full Version : still searching flatley name on canals

14-11-2009, 2:50 PM
if anyone on their searching happens to see flatleys on the canals i would be most interested if they could let me know

Marie C..
14-11-2009, 2:55 PM
Any canal? all? Warickshire? Oxfordshire, Brentford(Middx)?
Any particular Flatley? Any time scale?
A christian name?
Did they come from Ireland?

14-11-2009, 2:59 PM
i am searching worcester and shropshire canals william flatley born kidderminster 1863 lived and worked on canals has a wife ellen children samuel elsie nellie william

Marie C..
14-11-2009, 3:19 PM
Got them on 1901 census still in Kidderminster living at 6 Chadwick St. William 39(something on canal... boat...?) Ellen 39 , Samuel 15, William 11, born Moxley Shropshire, Nellie 9, Elsie 1 and mary Mayall 66.
This the right family?
Then on 1871 there is a William Flatley aged 7, born Kidderminster with parents John 35 and Margaret 30 both born Ireland(lucky you.... Irish genealogy is finding a four-leaved clover and hoping a leprechaun pops up to help you!)
children Mary Ann 3, John 6 and Patrick 1.
Is this your William.
There is also a family tree on Anc.....with William Flatley. Will take a look.

Marie C..
14-11-2009, 3:36 PM
Something odd about that tree!
It says parents John or Patrick! Flatley and Margaret .....
It has a William Flatley born1st March 1863 Lowhill Kidderminster and a death in 1927.
and on 1901 census there is a William Flatley married aged 37 born Worcestershire Lowhill and he is on a canal boat called the "Mary" in Cannock Staffs. RG13/2664.

Now that seems to be the one born 1st march 1863 in Lowhill Kidderminster.
Any thoughts?

14-11-2009, 5:24 PM
yes im aware of all that info i know the tree is same family im looking for evidence of canal records yes it isa mystery tree william being on census twice in 1901 is it 2 or one we have william that was born 1863 and died 1927

Marie C..
14-11-2009, 6:09 PM
Can't help thinking there might be two Williams!
I cannot find him/ them in 1891.
Do you have a marriage cert. for William and Ellen as that will give his father's name(whether John or Patrick?
1881 gives a Patrick(not John) and Margaret (both born Co. Mayo Ireland) with children John 16, Margaret 13, Patrick 11 and Mary A 8....?living at back of no 3 Horsefair Kidderminster.
Is this the family to whom William on the canal boat in Lower Mitton ,aged 18, belongs? ...or
Are there two families a John and a Patrick Flatley(brothers) each with a wife Margaret and children William,(both born Kidderminster) Patrick, Mary Ann, John and one also has a Margaret and the other(yours) has a Bridget?