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27-10-2009, 10:21 PM
My great great grandfather, Robert Stott born c1810, who resided in Brindle Lancashire for most of his life gives his birthplace as Kendal on most of his census returns. On the 1871 return (where he has been transcribed as Scott) he gives his birthplace as what looks like and has been transcribed as Horsham, Kendal. Can anyone tell me where this might be?

27-10-2009, 10:26 PM

I cannot see a Horsham in Kendal, but could it be Heversham (http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/WES/Heversham/index.htm) by any chance?

27-10-2009, 10:54 PM
Looks like "Hversham" [sic] to me. There may be an e between H & v, but they are pretty squashed up, however "ersham" looks clearly written.

28-10-2009, 8:32 AM
Thanks everyone. Heversham seems very likely. On one census return Lancaster is given as his birthplace. The ennumerater may have considered this to be the nearest big town. Also I always get goosebumps when travelling through the area. Unfortunately it will be after Christmas before I can wangle a trip to the Record Office in Kendal. If a kind person could spare a little time from their own research to have a squint at the Heversham parish records for the birth of Robert Stott son of Robert Stott c1810 it would be much appreciated.
Thank you

30-10-2009, 6:30 PM
Had a rummage at the records office, the records are quite poor in parts but excellent in other areas if you need to go back to the 1600's for this area they are fantastic. The records for around 1810 are out of order with gaps and loose pages, parts of pages are missing and some are very faded, I think you would probably need a day to check what I found and what I missed, they really need reading page by page. Some records are also duplicated.

However, I found only one Stott family.

I'll type them in the order I found them working backwards from the end of the film. JAC 1249.

[Jo] Stott 1 son of Robt Stott of Spouthouse Heversham by Grace Stott daughter of Richd Ashlip of Buck ba[nk]e born 16 Dec bap 13 Jan.

another baby born to Grace 17 Feb 1802 baptised 14 March (first page missing)

Jane 5th daughter of Robt. Stott [ Place ] farmer by Grace Stott Daughter of Richard ................ born 2 Dec 1809 bap 14 Jan 1810

Robert 3rd son of Robert Stott of Rowell Husbandman by Grace daughter of Richard Ashlop of Sedbergh farmer born 25 July 1807 bap 30 Aug 1807

[Betty] 4th daughter of Robert Stott of Ackenthwaite by Grace daughter of Richard Ashlip of Sedbergh farmer born 12th March bap 14 April 1805

Wm? Stott 2nd son of Robert Stott of Ackenthwaite husbandman by Grace Stott daughter of Richard Ashlip of Sedbergh husbandman born 27 Feb 1802 bap 14 March 1802

*duplicate and much clearer record for John Stott 1st son of Robert Stott of Spouthouse husbandman by Grace Stott daughter of the late Richd Ashlip Buckbank husbandman born 16 Dec 1798 bap 13 Jan 1799.

This family seem to tie in with this family from the IGI

Stott - Heversham
Batch Number: P012781

and a marriage of a Robert Stott to a Grace Iship in Buton in Kendal 27 August 1796. Batch No. MO55352 Source call No. 0097359.

It might be an idea to order the films from the LDS if you have a centre near you.

Hope this helps. |wave|

Spout house by the way was quite an important building, see here (http://www.heversham.org/heversham_history_bingham_5.html)

01-11-2009, 1:30 PM
Thank you so much Astoria. I can't wait to see the records myself. I feel sure that this is the right family. Robert and Hannah named two of their daughters Grace, presumably after Robert's mother. Unfortunately they both died in infancy. In the 1841 census there is a William Stott living at the Top o' th' lane Brindle. He could be Robert's Brother. I have been wondering if Robert and Hannah were living in Brindle prior to their marriage in Preston. Their witnesses John and Mary Sharples are living at the Top' o' th' Lane in the 1841 census. Robert and Hannah's first child was baptised 17th March 1840 in Brindle Parish Church and the entry has Garlington crossed out and amended to Stott as if Hannah was known in the parish but the fact of her marriage in Preston on 1st January of the same year was not. Both Robert and Hannah and their witnesses were illiterate though, and presumably to marry out of the parish would take quite a bit of subterfuge. Meanwhile the hunt for the Stott's continues.