View Full Version : Marriage Film No. vs bride/groom.

17-10-2009, 7:02 AM
From the IGI pilot site I have done a search for Jane McAdoo and then John Lee and get all the numbers are the same except the Image No.00147 vs 00133.
Are these likely to be my people?
The trouble with Jane is that her surname has been spelt McNdoo, NcNdoe & McNdos but these name variations don't seem to exist in Ireland, so I'm guessing that McAdoo might be correct.

Your thoughts please.

Peter Goodey
17-10-2009, 7:56 AM
Same principle as the England & Wales indexes - if the district, date, volume and page are the same then the two people may be a couple.

17-10-2009, 8:02 AM
Give this site a try.


You will see there are many variants here too.


17-10-2009, 9:13 AM
Thanks Sue, unfortunately my credit card won't work on this site.

Peter, the NZ indexs can have the couple on differnet pages but they have a common reference number. Hense the question, if I have 2 names that coincidently haveh the same references are they most likely my couple. I happen to know the names of the couple and parents, but am hoping that a bit more useful information might be on the certificate.