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23-03-2005, 2:21 AM
Two or three like minded friends and I will shortly begin a study of my birth village, formerly in Derbyshire but taken into the city when Sheffield extended its boundaries some forty odd years ago. The village I remember has gone, the pit closed and ancient fields and farms have vanished under roads and housing estates.

We have A LOT (and I mean a very lot) of information from a variety of sources, but the registers do not start until 1650 and I wonder if there is anyone out there researching families from the village who has information predating the registers. We have transcribed the probate documents from 1532 - my earliest known ancestor made his will there in 1563. I have trawled National Archives, and other sources on the net, we have Manor Court Rolls, Churchwardens' and other Parish Accounts, Rentals, Terriers, Enclosure and other maps. We have churchard plans and a grave register, a book about the church written by one of the group, and an earlier volume by a previous Vicar, and I could go on - boxes and boxes of material collected over the years.

However, if anyone has knowledge of the place before 1650, and/or the families who lived there we would be pleased to hear.

Thank you -- Eileen

Lesley Robertson
23-03-2005, 9:45 AM
It sounds as though you are going to produce a suitable memorial to the village!
I have to confess that I'm rather envious at the amount of material you've accumulated BEFORE you've started! Are you planning a web site?

23-03-2005, 11:58 AM
To Lesley - re Website. We are not, but hopefully the Vicar of the parish is, sometime in the near future. There is also a Local History Society who are concerned with Oral History Recording and old photographs but we have all been trained in reading Secretary Hand (and its many variations) and will be working from documents. We still have many that have not been fully transcribed.

Thank you for your interest -- Eileen - :)