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09-08-2009, 1:16 PM
My wifeís grandfather Thomas PETERS born in Cilgerran in 1871, married in Kensington 1899 and died 1954 in Crosshands Llanelli. We have a lot of information on his wifeís side LAKINS from Sheffield but she is finding it very difficult to identify with any certainty Thomas Peters (stone mason) family from Cilgerran. If anyone can help in anyway we would be very grateful.

09-08-2009, 1:45 PM
On the 1871 Census I have managed to find one Thomas Peters in Kilgerran/Cilgerran BUT he was born in 1855. However he had a step-brother also called Thomas who was born in 1871.

RG10/5540/123 Page: 23
Fynon Rees Road, Kilgerran
PETERS, Elizabeth Head F 62 1809 Pembrokeshire (widow)
PETERS, Margaret Daughter F 26 1845 Pembrokeshire occ: Dom Servant
PETERS, Elinor Daughter F 22 1849 Pembrokeshire occ: Dressmaker
PETERS, Thomas Son M 16 1855 Pembrokeshire occ: Quarryman
MATHIAS, Thomas Step-Son M 0 1871 Pembrokeshire (aged 5 week)

I wonder whether the baby was actually Elizabeth's grandson. Looking at the image, I cannot make out what his his actual relationship was. Step ****.

09-08-2009, 1:59 PM
the 1881 Census has:
RG11/5428/110 Page: 34
Penrhyw Dolbadau, Kilgerran (Pembroke)
RODGERS, David Head Married M 76 1805 Labourer b. Kilgerran, Pembrokeshire
RODGERS, Hannah Wife Married F 70 1811 b. Kilgerran
RODGERS, Mary Daughter Single F 43 1838 b. Kilgerran
PETTER, Thomas Grand Son Single M 10 1871 Scholar b. Kilgerran
RODGERS, Parry Grand Son Single M 18 1863 Labourer b. Kilgerran


RG11/5428/107 Page: 28
Cwmplysgog, Kilgerran (Pembroke)
GRIFFITHS, James Head Married M 58 1823 Quarry Man (Slate) b. Kilgerran
GRIFFITHS, Margaret Wife Married F 37 1844 b. Kilgerran
PETTER, Thomas Step Son Single M 10 1871 Scholar b. Kilgerran
GRIFFITHS, John P Son Single M 2 1879 b. Kilgerran

09-08-2009, 5:07 PM
Hi Nicolina,
I donít know when Iíve last seen my wife so exited, I donít know if I should have said that!
She has in her possession a small note book with birthdays going back to 1840 and one entry is for John P Griffithís dadcu stepbrother March 1st.1879. She always assumed he was taken into the Peters family and not the other way around so all she has to do now is find Thomas Peters paternal father.

09-08-2009, 5:21 PM
I've just looked at those Census records again and I must have been right.

Margaret Peters, daughter of Elizabeth & ???? must have married James Griffiths between 1871 & 1881. I would assume (there's that word again) that James was a widower, also that Thomas Matthias aka Peters was her son.
(aka Nicholina)

09-08-2009, 5:31 PM
1851 Census:
HO107/2481/291 Pages: 19 & 20
Kilgerran, Pembrokeshire
Thomas Peter abt 1811 Langunlla, Carmarthenshire, Wales Head occ: Quarryman
Elizabeth Peter abt 1811 Llanchlwydog, Pembrokeshire, Wales Wife
Ann Peter abt 1841 Kilgerran, Pembrokeshire, Wales Daughter
Margaret Peter abt 1844 Kilgerran, Pembrokeshire, Wales Daughter
Eleanor Peter abt 1847 Kilgerran, Pembrokeshire, Wales Daughter
John Peter abt 1849 Kilgerran, Pembrokeshire, Wales Daughter

sorry but I cannot read the address

I hope your wife shows her appreciation for your posting the request.

09-08-2009, 5:43 PM
1861 Census:
RG09/4174/59 Page: 7
Trefach, Llanfair Nant Gwyn
HARRIES, Dinah Head Widow F 79 1782 Farm Of 160 Acres Employing 1 Man And 3 Boys b. Pembroke, Eglwyswrw
HARRIES, Benjamin Son Widower M 38 1823 Farmers Son b. Pembroke , lanfair Nant Gwyn
HARRIES, Ann Daughter F 5 1856 Grand Child b. Pembroke ,Llanfair Nant Gwyn
HARRIES, Esther Daughter F 3 1858 Grand Child b. Pembroke, Llanfair Nant Gwyn
HARRIES, William Son Unmarried M 55 1806 Farmers Son b. Pembroke, Llanfair Nant Gwyn
REES, David Servant Unmarried M 21 1840 Farm Servant b. Pembroke, Castellan
THOMAS, William Servant Unmarried M 17 1844 Farm Servant b. Castellan
DAVIES, Elenor Servant Unmarried F 26 1835 Servant b. Pembroke, Bridell PETER, Margaret Servant Unmarried F 18 1843 Servant b. Pembroke, Cilgerran

RG09/4177/63 Page: 33
Cnwcke, Kilgerran
PETER, Thomas Head Married M 50 1811 Slate Quarrier b. Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire
PETER, Elizabeth Wife Married F 50 1811 b. Llanychlwydog, Cardiganshire PETER, John Son M 12 1849 Stone Cutter b. Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire VIEW
PETER, Thomas M 6 1855 Scholar b. Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire

09-08-2009, 5:46 PM
Marriages Mar 1878
GRIFFITHS James Cardigan 11b 7
PETERS Margaret Cardigan 11b 7

where next?

09-08-2009, 6:20 PM
Hi Nicolina
Thank you very much for your quick response to my request. You have saved me many hours of searching. I have printed out all the information and passed it on to my wife to sort out. And the best of luck to her.!!!
ps I just noticed you are researching Yorkshire that is the area Thomas Peters wife Annie laking came from

09-08-2009, 6:50 PM
it is a small world. I actually went to College in Sheffield. I also have Welsh folk in my tree. My 3xGreat Grandfather was called Benjamin (or Benedict) Lloyd, must be where my father got his glorious tenor voice.
Ten days ago I even met one of my cousins from Wales, for the first time, when they travelled up to Yorkshire to take part in Scarborough's Seafest.
Don't tell anyone but I'm tone deaf.