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08-08-2009, 2:05 PM
I'm on the hunt for some information about a couple of cannon. Like many towns, Bath was given two of the cannon captured at Sevastopol to decorate their local park. According to the Council records, these were approved to be removed for scrap for the war effort at the end of 1941. There is a rumour, however, that they never got scrapped, and ended up elsewhere. One possibly stayed in another Bath park, but the other supposedly ended up in Eastbourne. The Library in Eastbourne has tried to help, but has no record of any Crimean cannons in the town, from Bath or otherwise.

Does anyone know of a list of these cannon, or know of anyone who may be able to help? Unfortunately, the Royal Artillery Museum library was also not able to help.

Many thanks


14-08-2009, 6:39 AM

It is a good few years ago, but during my working life I was responsible for the redevelopment of an historic garrison and park. Within the park were two cannon, and if my memory serves me correctly (and sometimes it doesn't!!) it was the Royal Armouries, in the Tower of London who were responsible for them.

Perhaps it might be worth contacting them.


17-08-2009, 6:08 AM

Thanks for this info. It hadn't occurred to me to check with the Royal Armouries.


Lawrence W. Crider
19-09-2010, 6:05 PM
Dear Anne:

I posted your query to the 'expert' (who has for some time been compiling information on the disposition of the Sevastopol guns).

Here is his reply:

We knew Bath had received a cannon, but thought only one. We think it was scrapped in 1940/1 and have no knowledge that it wasn't - but a few were squirrelled away by enterprising scrap dealers. We have no knowledge of one at Eastbourne. Can your informant tell us more? What type, date of receipt by Bath, exactly where held in Bath before disappearance, etc. Local newspapers often recorded the arrival, which was often accompanied by a ceremony.

Yours aye,

Major Colin Robins OBE FRHistS
Editor Emeritus, 'The War Correspondent'
Journal of the Crimean War Research Society

Perhaps you can do some local detective work with the suggested review of the local newspapers?


Lawrence Crider

21-09-2010, 4:26 PM
I've discovered a bit more information since I originally posted this query. Surprisingly, the arrival of the guns was noteworthy enough news to be reported in the Illustrated London News - with a picture. A copy of the picture is on bathintime.co.uk (put www. in front; image 24983 - there is a poster for the accompanying fete at 24984). They were installed by the obelisk at the entrance to the Royal Victoria Park on Wed 9th Sept 1857 - on carriages especially made for them as apparantly carriages did not come as part of the donation. The full report was in the issue for 26 Sept 1857 if you wish to track it down.

As to their fate, a report from the Parks Committee:
Extract from Bath City Council Parks & Cemeteries Committee, 15 Dec. 1941.
"SCRAP METAL". The committee agreed to release two Russian guns at the Royal Victoria Park to the Ministry of Supply for munition purposes."

I can't remember finding out whether both or either of them ever were sent off for scrap or not.

Many thanks for the interest, and I hope this helps update you on the search.

As a footnote, the city decided to refuse the kind offer of a tank after WWI - ostensibly because they couldn't afford the strengthening of the bridges and concrete stand for the tank in Sydney Gardens, but probably it was because they didn't think a tank suitable for genteel Bath!


Lawrence W. Crider
27-09-2010, 3:17 AM
Dear Anne:

Excellent detective work. I am sure we can dredge up the relevant copies of the ILN.

On behalf of my friend doing the research, many, many thanks.

Lawrence Crider