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mick lowry
06-08-2009, 5:23 PM

I am looking for info on Edward Renals (Reynolds) born abt 1759 in Woodthorpe, near Loughborough, Leics. Only definate info i have is that in
Military index vol1, LRFHS he is listed as carpenter, woodthorp, 26/3/1780
aged 19. Not sure what the military bit might signify.
I think he may have been the son of Edmund Renals farmer of woodthorp.
I am hoping he may turn out to be the father of my Gt3 grandfather Gregory
Renals (Reynolds) who was also a carpenter. With regard to Gregory i know that he was married in 1819 to Mary Holmes at All Saints, Loughborough but
haven't been able to find a birth for him in any of the Loughborough parish registers. He died abt 1832 and i have guestimated he was born about 1793.
I also believe that the Renals farm was part of the Beaumanor Hall Estate and that in 1751 Edmunds father also Edmund leased part of his land to a Ralph Harris a carpenter of Loughborough. This could be the link to the Renals becoming carpenters.
Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

06-08-2009, 5:58 PM
Hi Mick, there is a record of a christening of Edward Reynolds on the 16th Jan 1759, father shown as Edmund on the IGI batch no. C061892.

Got to get back to work now, will help when I have time!

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mick lowry
06-08-2009, 8:16 PM
Thanks keyboard, i do have that info but its nice to have it confirmed.


19-01-2011, 9:18 PM
Hi Mick
Have replied on the Quorn website to you as well.
Edward was the brother of Joseph (my direct ancestor) who was Edmund's youngest son. Edmund was my 4x grandfather.
The reference to the military is correct. According to Edmund's Will of 1797, he hadn't seen or heard of Edward for many years, since he'd 'inlisted (sic) for a soldier in one of Majesty's Regiments of foot'. Could the date have been d.o.d., do you think? Sorry it's no further forward for the link with Gregory.
My mother was born in the Renals farmhouse in 1915, and I have been there.
Best wishes