Happy Jackie
03-08-2009, 12:44 AM
My great grandfather, William Evans, christened 28 Feb. 1815 in Blaenpenal, led an interesting life. He married three times, Mary Lewis, Sarah James and Anne Davies. Anne Davies was actually his step daughter, the daughter of Sarah James Davies and her husband David. William's father was John Evans, and his brothers were Evan, David and Benjamin. I have all of the christening records but only the father was mentioned on a couple of the records, Trinor was the mother on the other two. Family tradition has the mother's name as Cainor. I have been unable to discover any additional information on this family. I have all of the 1841,1851,1861,1871,1881, 1891 census records. Any additional information on this family, help, suggestions, etc. would be appreciated. Thank you.

Penny Bramwell
26-10-2013, 2:24 PM
Hi HJ, I have a KINOR, KEINOR, KINORA, CEYNOR,CEINOR etc. (variously, depending on the record and she was illiterate) as a direct ancestor. I do know that she was born around 1796, maybe as early as 1794, was married to Stephen Edwards who died, as a farmer in Llandabarn Odwyn in 1825, and was then married to Evan Jones, another farmer and outlived him. My KINOR was born in LLandabarn Odwyn or LLandewi Brefi, but I am not sure of her maiden name. However, there is an Edwards birth on Familysearch records that shows David Edwards was born to KINOR EVANS and STEPHEN EDWARDS. As I could find no birth for Kinor, having trawled through all the possible spellings that I could think of, I wonder if she was married to John Evans as in your family tree? I shall do some more research, NOW! My link is that Margaret, born around 1823, (brothers David and Thomas) was born to Stephen Edwards, according to her marriage record to William Rowlands, in 1852, and I eventually found her living as Margaret Jones in the 1841 Census, with Ceynor and Evan Jones, with her bastard son William Rowlands aged 2! The name is not that common so maybe we can link up our joint facts?

Happy Jackie
18-11-2013, 5:11 AM
I neglected to answer your very interesting message right away and it got buried in my Inbox. If you go to family tree on family search (I assume you are registered) and look on my tree for John Evans who married Kinor(Or various spellings as you have), you will see that Kinor's first son, was christened 1815 in Blaenpenal, Cardiganshire, Wales. This must be a different Kinor than yours. Unfortunately, as you will have found out researching Wales, Edwards, Evans, and Jones are very popular names. However, Kinor is not but looking at my records again, I find no connection with any of the names you have mentioned. I do have a Jane Rowlands but she was born 1778 in Llanddewi Breifi, Cardiganshire, Wales to Stephen Davies of 7 Jul, 1809. I have no other information on her. If you have any other questions once you look at my tree, please feel free to ask me.