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15-03-2005, 7:30 AM
Hi :)

I have been researching my family history for quite a while and now find myself drawn to Scotland and am in need of some |help|

Would like to get early information on Thomas RUTHERFORD born c1857 Fife, Scotland. His parents were William RUTHERFORD and Mary G, alas maiden name unknown. Both parents were born Scotland c1823 & 1816 respectively. Other children were, John c1852, Euphemia 1855, Alex 1860 and Robert 1862. All children were born in Scotland.

They were in Northumberland in 1871 living in Lilburn Steads and in 1881 living Tynemouth.

Would welcome advice on how I can get back to earlier census in Scotland and of course if anyone recognises a connection I would love to hear from you.


Lesley Robertson
15-03-2005, 11:51 AM
The IGI carries directly extracted records for 1855-1875, and is therefore (as long as you check to make sure that you have the extracted records) reasonably reliable. It shows one good candidate - Thomas R. born to William R. and Mary Grieve on 28 Oct 1856 in Cameron, Fife. If all the results in the extraced IGI for a couple with these names refers to the same family, then they had 6 children, moving from St Andrews to Cameron and then to Strathmiglo. The children listed were Robert (1861), Alexander (1859), George (1846), Euphemia (1854) William (1849) and Thomas (1856). John (1851) is listed for st Andrews with mother = Mary Grier which is probably a mis-transcription for Grieve.

What to do next? A lot depends on where you are. The obvious thing would be the 1861 census for Strathmiglo - if you can't get to Edinburgh, the best source would be your local LDS family history centre, The census will give you the ages and birth parishes of the parents. If you go to Scotland's People you can search the Parish registers for the couple (and it's worth going their to read their Getting Started section, bottom right of the first page.)

15-03-2005, 8:17 PM
Hi Lesley

Many thanks for the information and advice, it is appreciated.

Living in Sunderland and working full time makes a trip to Edinburgh a bit difficult at this time but there is a LDS Centre so will be making a visit there to check out the 1861 Census.

Will check out the IGI and the Scotlands People site.

Again many thanks.



28-02-2013, 7:20 AM
Hello Sue,
A late reply but hopefully it may be of some use. My great-grandfather Robert Towson was married to Euphemia Rutherford and migrated to Australia in 1886 on the RMS Quetta, arriving in Brisbane on 6 April of that year. Her father was William Rutherford, a Scottish shoemaker. Many of the details re: siblings etc seem to match the info in the replies you received earlier. Her mother's maiden name was Grieve - this is also Euphemia's middle name. Euphemia died in Queensland, Australia in 1910 I believe. She had 2 sons before marriage to Robert, John William (1875- ) and George Hodgson (1881-1904). Both became miners here in Aust. George was killed in a mine collapse. I would love to hear if you have any further info. as I don't know much about that end of the story. I may have some more info from this end. I would really love to see a photo of Euphemia. Anyway I hope this bit is something for you.

28-02-2013, 8:20 AM
Hello Ron - welcome to Brit-Gen,

Unfortunately, Sue (CookieNanna) is no longer a member of the forum and so will not necessarily see your reply.

Lesley Robertson
11-12-2013, 1:14 PM
Hi Ron,
William R and Mary G of Fife had 5 sons, according to Familysearch. They were:
Thomas 1856, Cameron
Robert, 1861, Stathmiglo
Alexander, 1859, Strathmiglo
George, 1846, St Andrews & St Leonards
William, 1849, St Andrews & St Leonards.

They don't show any daughters, but this is a known problem with this database, where whole groups weren't uploaded.

The 1861 census for Sthrathmiglo shows Euphemia (transcribed as Euphemie) b. abt 1855 living at Strathdens, Strathmiglo with the rest of the family, transcribed as Rutherpard, then corrected. The sons are:
George 1847 St Andrews
William, abt 1849 St Andrews
John, abt 1852, St Andrews
Thomas, abt 1857 Cameron
Alexander abt 1859

Census birth years are calculated from the declared ages when the census was taken, and it looks as though Euphemia was born late 1854 instead of in 1855, which is a shame since 1855 was the first year of registration in Scotland and they went a bit mad with the amount of info they demanded.

In 1871, most of the family were in Eglingham, Northumberland, England.
By 1881, William & Mary, Thomas, Euphemia, John and a child called John Hudson (son of Euphemia) were all living in Tynemouth, Northumberland. William's a shoe maker.
Euphemia and Robert married in 1884 in Houghton le Spring, Durham, England.
In 1891, it's just William, Mary and Robert, their son b abt 1861 in Fife living in HleS.