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03-06-2009, 11:42 AM
I am trying to find out where I would be able to find employment details or other such records for people who worked on the canal. I am not interested in the construction of the canal but of the bargemen and wharfingers who plied their trade on the water.

My gt gt gt grandfather Richard BALDING wrote his will in 1822 where he describes himself as a Wharfinger of Aldermaston Wharf. His son Benjamin is a Wharfinger of Newbury, son Richard a Barge Master late of Froxfield, son William a Barge Master of Padworth, son Thomas Barge Master of Beenham, son George Barge Master of Padworth.

I have been able to find most of them in the various census, but would like to find any further details about their lives and employment on the canal.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


03-06-2009, 6:53 PM
Kennet and Avon Canal trust may be a start?


18-06-2009, 7:11 PM
There's very good canal museum at Devizes - perhaps they may be able to help if you contact them. http://home.btconnect.com/kenavon/ The museum is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Devizes.

19-06-2009, 8:28 AM
Thank you.
I have e-mailed the Canal Trust and got a reply informing me that my enquiry had been forwarded to their Archivist and Museum Curator.
I am awaiting their response.