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17-08-2008, 7:14 PM
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My grandfather is missing from the 1871 census although I know where he was on all the others during his lifetime. I vaguely remember being told many years ago that he was fluent in German, having been educated in Germany. Mention of the town of Neuwied is also a hazy memory.

With this in mind, I googled Neuwied and “school” and found information about the Moravian School. It seems that British people went there, so I’m wondering if my grandfather was a pupil, or was there anywhere else in Germany where British schoolchildren might have been sent at that time? He was born in 1855 so would have been 16 in 1871.

Anyone got any ideas? Especially on how to find out who was at a school in Germany in 1871! :D

24-10-2014, 7:30 PM
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Any help from anyone would be great!