14-08-2008, 1:49 PM
hi im trying to find out abt the family of angeline marie hebert born gouville manche france 23 feb 1875 daughter of charles hebert and euphrasie lerosey is there a family history centre for that area of france also do not know how to use translation site for english to french any help appreciated david

14-08-2008, 3:26 PM
I am not sure what information you are looking for, but have you seen this entry for the 1881 British Census?

Charles HEBERT Head M Male 37 (Gouville), France General Laborer
Euphrosine HEBERT Wife M Female 28 (Gouville), France
Marie E. HEBERT Daur Female 10 (Gouville), France
Angeline M. HEBERT Daur Female 6 (Gouville), France
Blanche L. HEBERT Daur Female 2 m St Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands

Source Information:
Dwelling New Rozel Rd
Census Place St Martin, Jersey, Channel Islands
Family History Library Film 1342350
Public Records Office Reference RG11
Piece / Folio 5619 / 23
Page Number 12



14-08-2008, 8:21 PM
thanks for that info maggie want to go further back to find charles hebert in france if possible david

14-08-2008, 8:42 PM

If you 'Google' France genealogy you come up with a list of links which might help.

Here's a link to A Beginner's Guide to Researching Your French Ancestry


which may help to get you started.

I think there was another thread recently on this forum about researching in France. It may be worth doing a Forum search.



15-08-2008, 11:43 AM
Hi David,

You need to contact the town hall 'Mairie' of the town where your ancestor was.. they keep all 'etat civil' records including BMD's

The French are very helpful, and will usually provide photocopies of the relevant entries free of charge. You will not find birth certificates as such, they do not exist... The Mairie holds the 'acte de naissance' marriage etc, and copies are requested as required for administrative or research purposes.

If you know what town you are looking at, and the information you need, I will be happy to translate things for you, in either direction.

Good luck

30-09-2008, 6:22 PM
hi I'm trying to find out abt the family of Angeline Marie Hebert born Gouville, Manche, France 23 Feb 1875 daughter of Charles Hebert and Euphrasie Lerosey. Is there a family history centre for that area of France? Also do not know how to use translation site for English to French. Any help appreciated David

I've recently found a site in France where you can post what you are looking for, and volunteers go to the Archives départementales (the equivalent of County Record Offices), find them and email them to you. I can put a post on there for you if you like.

It's not worth bothering with translation sites; they do it word for word and come up with meaningless gobbledegook. :confused:

Do you have some sort of birth certificate for Angéline to be so sure of her exact date of birth?

One problem with records in the Manche département is that a lot were destroyed in the bombing after D-Day.

30-09-2008, 9:03 PM
many thanks pettoka for your kind offer i found that date of birth from oppac so i think its correct if u dont mind doing that for me i really appreciate it i go to south devon records office in plymouth couple of times a month if u need any lookups feel free to ask also covers parts of cornwall david

30-09-2008, 11:42 PM
Hi Raaa just in case you haven't got the 1891 census it gives the mothers name slightly different. It may help with your search.

Blanche Louise Hebert 10
Charles Hebert 47
Charles Hebert 6
Eupprosine Jeanne Hebert 38

I have looked on Ancestry France and cannot get back before the 1881 census.

01-10-2008, 4:33 AM
The big problem for volunteers in France is that BMD's are not yet on line, and while you can post requests for help, and many will do their best for you, it does mean they need to make at least a visit to the Town Hall. Maybe even the Prefecture. You need to expect several days or so delay in any response.

If the site being referred to is the 'Fil d'Arianne' I also know they are desperately short of volunteers (cos I am one) and some Departments have substantial delays in responding to requests.

You may find it quicker to contact the Town Hall yourself.

One other word of caution: Some Prefectures (not Town Halls) seem to insist that archives are only available to French nationals. You may in these circumstances, need someone from France to help you.


02-10-2008, 12:50 PM
I've posted your request on the website. Obviously there are lots of people doing the same and never enough volunteers, but those who do volunteer work steadily through the requests. They go to the Archives départementales (not the Préfecture, which is a totally different thing) which is the equivalent of the County Records Office. That means that if your person was born in a different town from where he/she said, you can still find them.

I've also phoned the Town Hall in Gouville-sur-Mer (there are other Gouvilles in France, but only the one in the Manche département is "on sea") to check that they carry out research and am writing to them for you.

These things always take time; the Town Hall in Rouen told me to expect at least three weeks delay for a written request, for example. But your ancestors won't be going anywhere soon, will they? :)

02-10-2008, 1:01 PM
Sorry, I forgot to ask: what is oppac? I've not come across that, and googling it has only given me a couple of Spanish sites and the Ohio Psychiatrists' Political Action Committee. Somehow I don't think it's that one! |laugh1|

Thanks also for your offer of look-ups, but the furthest south my family ever got is Derbyshire!

02-10-2008, 7:19 PM
But that doesn't really matter does it? - What goes around, comes around. Pottoka helps you, you help X, X helps Y, Y helps Z.... and eventually someone helps Pottaka. Well that's how i look at it anyhow, and so I help others hoping/knowing that when I need help, someone will help me.

Slushy mode off now :D


02-10-2008, 9:07 PM
But that doesn't really matter does it? - What goes around, comes around. Pottoka helps you, you help X, X helps Y, Y helps Z.... and eventually someone helps Pottaka. Well that's how i look at it anyhow, and so I help others hoping/knowing that when I need help, someone will help me.

Slushy mode off now :D


That's exactly how I see it. Thanks for putting it just right, Salcat.

|grouphug| |grouphug|

02-10-2008, 9:14 PM
Aaaahh - Thanks Pottoka


(why do I always type your name as Pottoak??? :D)

03-10-2008, 6:48 AM
http://jerseyheritagetrust.jeron.je/home.html click on archive put in surname very interesting david

03-10-2008, 10:28 AM
Aaaahh - Thanks Pottoka


(why do I always type your name as Pottoak??? :D)

Maybe you have second-sight and are subtly insinuating that I need to shed a few pounds .... |laugh1| |biggrin| |laugh1|
Very subtly, too, as the plural of pottoka is pottokak, so you're not going as far as being insulting!! |jumphappy

09-10-2008, 11:23 AM
The post has just come with an answer from the Mairie de Gouville, enclosing photocopies of the birth entries for Marie Eugénie HEBERT on 10th March 1871 at 1 a.m. and for Angeline Marie HEBERT on 27th February 1875 at 2 p.m. Father: Charles Alexandre Hebert; mother: Euphrosine Jeanne Lerosey.

The writing is not very easy to make out, but I think I've got that right. The person at the Town Hall also looked up the parents but could not find them so they must have been born elsewhere.

I will transcribe and translate the certificates for you and PM you when they're done.

09-10-2008, 2:56 PM
your a star pottoka david

17-10-2008, 3:20 PM
The request posted on the volunteers' website for the Manche department found a taker, and she has really come up trumps! She has e-mailed me photographs of several documents about your ancestors.

I've had a good squint at them and extracted this information:

28th April 1870 - Gouville - Marriage of Charles Alexandre HEBERT and Euphrosine Jeanne LEROSEY

7th November 1852 - Gouville - Birth of Euphrosine Jeanne LEROSEY at 2 p.m., the daughter of Zéphire Louis LeRosey and Honorine Gosselin

23rd & 30th November 1851 - Gouville - Banns of marriage published at the Town Hall for:
29th December 1851 - Gouville - Marriage of Zéphire Louis LEROSEY and Honorine Virginie GOSSELIN

28th July 1843 - Gouville - Birth of Charles Alexandre HEBERT, at 10 p.m., the son of Alexandre Casimir Hebert and Rosalie Drousassal (not sure of surname)

From the record of the marriage of Zéphire and Honorine, there is this extra information:
Zéphire Louis LEROSEY was born in Saint-Malo-de-la-Lande on 3rd February 1831, the son of Louis Michel LeRosey and Euphrosine Marie Magdelaine.
Honorine Virginie GOSSELIN was born in Gouville on 8th October 1822, the daughter of François Nicolas Gosselin and Marie Anne Geneviève Le Gendre.

From the record of the birth of Euphrosine Lerosey, there is the information that her grandfather, Louis Michel, was born in about 1787, as he was 65 years old when he declared her birth, standing in for her father who was away cod-fishing!

17-10-2008, 8:48 PM
:)thats amazing pottaka what a great start to the weekend all i need is wolves to beat coventry to complete a great weekend|jumphappy|jumphappy|jumphappy|jumphappy|bo wdown||bowdown| david

18-10-2008, 8:05 AM
I believe that I've heard of a group of people who want to introduce wolves back into Britain (I know I've definitely heard of some trying to do the same with beavers) - is that right?


Wolves have reintroduced themselves into France and, this summer, hikers were warned, for the first time, that there were places in the Alps where they should not go. Not because of the wolves, but because of the dogs kept by the shepherds to protect the sheep and which are so protective that they will attack strangers!

Down our way, the Government are spending the taxpayers' money trying to reintroduce brown bears. The native strain has all but died out; there is one bear left which is half native and half introduced bear. But it's Paris and the ecologists that want them, and they're not listening to the locals.

Is it the same in the U.K. with wolves, then? And you say it's for this weekend?
I thought coventries were a kind of horse ridden by naked women; I suppose I've missed it in the news (note to self: must keep up better), and it's the name given to the anti-wolf protesters.

20-10-2008, 1:44 AM
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21-10-2008, 9:12 AM
I don't have instant access to an Enigma machine, but if I can crack the code, do I get a prize? http://www.clicksmilies.com/s1106/party/party-smiley-013.gif

05-11-2008, 3:39 AM
I've received the birth certificate for Zéphire LeRosey from Saint-Malo-de-la-Lande, but it's practically illegible! They've sent me two copies, one light and one dark, but neither are normal size for some strange reason. I asked our eldest tadpole if he could blow it up at work on the photocopier, but he's going to go one better and enhance it on his scanner - cor!

I was a bit miffed with that Town Hall as I asked them to see if they had a marriage for Zéphire's parents and their births, but the answer was that I had to give them the exact dates ... |banghead| I wasn't expecting them to read through every single certificate in their registers; they do have books which index every ten years. That might turn out to be a dead end. We'll see what comes from Gouville this time.

05-11-2008, 7:54 AM
|jumphappy|jumphappy|jumphappy|jumphappymany thanks your a star david

06-11-2008, 12:05 PM
Still no news from Gouville from where I expect an envelope bulging with certificates.

However n°1 son did the necessary and rendered Zéphire's certificate just about legible. The good news is that it gives the birth places of his parents.

Not so good is that one of them came from a place so small that the Town Hall is only open two afternoons a week (answering machine) and the other from a similar place which doesn't have records going back that far (a real person!). So it looks like a plea for a volunteer to go to the Archives départementales.

The other "problem" is that their ages place their births when the Republican Calendar was in existence, between 1793 and 1805. 1789 - Bastille year - became known as Year I of (the era of) Liberty, and the following years were counted from then. The months were changed and corresponded (more or less) with astrological months and were given new names, like "pluviose" (from pleuvoir, to rain) for 20th January to 18th February. Fun and games! But there are tables of equivalence, and it all adds interest, doesn't it?

Lesley Robertson
06-11-2008, 12:13 PM
I'm not sure why this is in "Rest of the World" - I'm going to move it to "Europe" where it belongs. Maybe it'll attract more of our Francophile experts there.


12-11-2008, 11:41 PM
Gouville Town Hall has finally replied and sent birth certificates for:

Honorine Virginie GOSSELIN - 1822
Charles Alexandre HEBERT - 1843
Euphrosine Jeanne LEROSEY - 1852
plus a new one:
Alexandre Casimir HEBERT - 1817 - son of Léonard Charles HEBERT and Françoise Marguerite LE CIGUE

and the marriage lines of:

Louis Zéphire LEROSEY and Honorine Virginie GOSSELIN - 1851
Charles Alexandre HEBERT and Euphrosine Jeanne LEROSEY - 1870

I'll copy them out and translate them for you asap and send them to you as before with Louis Zéphyr Hebert's birth certificate which has been waiting patiently!

13-11-2008, 11:49 AM
|wave|your not amazing your amazingly amazing well done pottoka |hug||angel||laugh1||jumphappy david

14-11-2008, 6:08 PM
http://bestsmileys.com/blushing/6.gif |oopsredfa http://bestsmileys.com/blushing/3.gif |oopsredfa http://bestsmileys.com/blushing/6.gif

25-11-2008, 10:41 PM
Having dealt with the certificates in hand, I posted a plea for help - partly because we're now moving back far enough for some of the small villages not to have the certificates at the Town Halls - on my friendly French site, thinking that I would hear from someone maybe within a month. There was a reply the following day!!

There's quite a lot of sorting out to do as there are different lines appearing, but some go back to marriages in the 1720s. I'm building a tree of your lot so that I know where I am!

And today there was another message to say that Louis Michel LeRosey, who was Euphrosine Jeanne LeRosey's grandfather if I remember correctly, was born on 8th Vendémiaire in Year 6, in Anceteville. Unfortunately the register of that village only starts in year 11, but his date of birth is written in the margin of his death certificate. 8 Vendémiare year 6 is Friday 29th September 1797.

I'll get all this sorted out and reply to your email at the same time.

25-11-2008, 11:23 PM
thanks certs arrived your very kind david |bowdown|