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14-08-2008, 7:01 AM

Can anyone help i am looking for any information on a nicholas coughlin/coughlan from the eniskillen fermanagh area. All i know is he married a mary jane fitzsimmons and they had a son charlie this would of been in the 1890's i know he died and his wife remarried in glasgow in 1902. I cant find any info on the coughlins at all. i got his name from marys death certificate and his sirname is spelt coughlan and on her marrage certificate too her second husband robert john mccrea her name is spelt coughlin and it says she is a widow.
Any help would be great as i have had no luck.
Thanks Louise |help|

15-08-2008, 6:15 AM
and they had a son charlie this would of been in the 1890's

Where was the son born? as this might be where they married, you need to get that marriage certificate for information about Nicholas' father.

Do you have the 1901 census entry for the family?
I wouldn't worry too much about the exact spelling of Coughlan, most of the people those days will have written it like it sounds, so there will be many variations.

15-08-2008, 3:13 PM

The only information i have is Mary jane death certificate in which it says her first husband was called nicholas coughlan and he was a labourer. I am guessing he died before 1902 when she married for the second time as on her marrage certificate it says she was a widow. I cant find a nicholas coughlan any where i have tried irish sites and i tried scottish sites incase they married here as she married for the second time in glasgow. I know they had one son called charlie/charles about 1897/98 and from what my grandfather told my dad he was born around enniskillen charlie was my grand fathers half brother he was born from marys second marrage to robert john mccrea who was her first cousin.
I cant find any kind of birth for charlie either in ireland or scotland and i tried with mccrea and coughlan as surnames i have however think i have found his death certificate which i have just ordered,

It is compleatly puzzling i know a bit about the mccreas and the fitzsimmons which was marys maiden name but this coughlin part is confusing.

Thanks louise