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31-07-2008, 12:04 PM
Hello I am having a difficult time locating my grandparents marriage records. I contacted both churches that my mother felt they got married in.

My grandparents are Sarah Jane McNulty and George Frederick Archer.
They supposed to have gotten married in Belfast Protestant Catherdal.

Sarah Jane McNutly was born in HamiltonNewton, County Armagh Ireland .
Her birthday is November 1 1887. She was Catholic.

George Frederick Archer was born in Sussex England, he was in the Army and he was Protestant. Birth date is unknown. Any help is appreciated.

26-08-2008, 7:02 AM
Hi Gerri,
SOMETIMES in the Catholic parishes if someone is getting married, there is an entry to the fact made beside the birth record in the ledger. I don't know if it was in your case but I think it's worth a shot. Newtownhamilton is in the parish of Cullyhanna(Creggan Lower)
Good Luck

Elwyn Soutter
26-08-2008, 9:36 PM
If they were married in Northern Ireland (of any religion) the marriage should be recorded with the Northern Ireland Registrar General at Oxford House, Chichester St, Belfast BT1 4HL. You are obviously searching for a McNulty/Archer marriage from about 1905 onwards. Shoudn't be too difficult to find, assuming the facts are correct.

If it's only a few years from 1905 onwards, the Registrat General's office may look for you. If not, you may need to get a researcher to search for you.


28-08-2008, 2:02 AM
I can not thank everyone enough for all their help. I have finally been able to open a block on my genealogy. I have located my grandparents marriage records thanks to Michelle.

The problem was that my grandmother changed her last name. She was Catholic going into a Protestant area. She changed her name from McNulty to Nolty. Her marriage record states this last name.

They got married at St. Anne's Church in Belfast on January 28, 1914. My grandfather was a private in the Dorsett Regiment and was living at Soliders Home on Clifton Street in Belfast. Now to locate more information on my grandfather.
Thanks everyone!

29-08-2008, 5:56 AM
Great news, Gerri :D
Good Luck