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Clive Blackaby
19-06-2008, 2:45 AM
A friend who was browsing around on t'internet came across this site, which evidently trawls web pages to dig out and publish information about people.

So far the only info they've found on me are postings on B-G, and they don't seem to have fished out anything that I wouldn't want anyone to know, but it does show just how careful you have to be!!


I looked up a friend of mine who has a slightly unusual name, and just happens to have been mentioned in a web article published by xxx society as "Mary Bloggs, President of the xxx society stated that ....etc etc etc", and Bingo, there she was!!

19-06-2008, 5:52 AM
I was really worried there for a minute :) expecting pages and pages of stuff,
but it produced no results for ChristineR. It must be set for 'real name' format. Putting in my real name did not produce anything either.


Sue Mackay
19-06-2008, 6:30 AM
Well it doesn't keep its records that up to date! I typed in Sue Mackay and of the five pages of references only three were me that I could immediately see, none of which worried me. However, the first one had me as 'Star B-G member', and I have been a Super Moderator for some time now, and the two others were croquet references. Although I am still Publicity Officer for the South West Federation I am no longer secretary for the Longman Cup - that must have come from a Croquet Association web page from two years ago. They seem to have concentrated on people they think have a role in a business or company. I DID get a bit worried, given that I live in Rhoose, when I thought I saw "Rhoose Entertainment" under the Company, but then saw it was a Suzanne Mackay of Rhose Entertainment. Phew! Not much entertainment in Rhoose!

Guy Etchells
19-06-2008, 6:45 AM
People should realise that everything they type online is archived somewhere.
Try searching Google for one's name. ;)

19-06-2008, 6:51 AM
Yes, it does look business oriented doesn't it.

There are 5 references to me listed on the initial page out of a total of 280-odd. All 5 are from the JiGraH web site - and I suspect many of the others are as well. That is not surprising as I am main contact for the company.


19-06-2008, 7:02 AM
Well, I am a non-person. :D

Nothing for Jan1954 and all references under my real name were for the famous(ish) person who always comes up when I google my name.

Is this good news or bad news :confused:

19-06-2008, 12:43 PM
I did find myself on there, but it was a four-year-old cached page from a website I have frequented for nearly seven years, but it didn't include my screen name so there is no way to link the two pieces of information. It's strange because I know of at least two other places where my real name and contact information is permanently on display and they didn't come up at all. I wonder what the paid "advance search" would bring up.

Ziggs.com can tell you who's been googling you.....

19-06-2008, 1:41 PM
I have said this before. With regards to the internet, if you you don't want it read then don't write it. No one forced your little fingers onto the keyboard and membership of the internet is not compulsory.

Now I will go away and worry about the rabbits that are eating our flowers..:)

19-06-2008, 2:55 PM
I have always used an alias (or 2) for everything on the internet.
Sites that commonly use or request mother's maiden name for security questions etc. always get the same 'false' maiden name. Passwords that require a mixture of numbers and letters? Try using 2 lots of past vehicle registration plates joined together - easy to remember - hard to guess.

Never use your real name or date of birth, or any other 'real' info. unless ABSOLUTELY (or legally) required to do so.


Mary Anne
19-06-2008, 2:56 PM
I agree, Peter, except sometimes it is not your doing. If I Google myself, I still find some comments I made at a workshop that were posted some years ago...

What are you doing about your bunnies?? Mine are getting to a point where I am contemplating terrible things...I have had no Hellebores, few daffodil flowers, NO leaves on ANY of my asters, and only buds on my lillies |help||5cups|. BUT I have this chappy and his friends and relations

19-06-2008, 3:07 PM
Mary Anne and Peter...........

I have a friendly fox..... I'll send him to you!


19-06-2008, 7:35 PM
well I googled my name, and I have several options,
Healthy Eating Coordinator,
2, Glagow Calidonian University,
3. Co Founder of H.O.P.E
age 46 in Pine Bluff,
age 47 in Dayton,
age 48 in Indianapolis

I have travelled about a bit, trouble is I dont remember doing all that:confused:


Clive Blackaby
20-06-2008, 2:37 AM
Well it doesn't keep its records that up to date!
True! I decided to send a test message to the contact address they have for me. They somehow managed to glean this from B-G.
I wonder how long they will keep trying to send my test email to an address which even I don't have access to any more (abandaned due to excessive spam).
I guess by using my real name on this and other sites I am exposing myself to a certain amount of risk. Personally I'm not too sensitive about who knows what about me, on the "nothing to hide" principle, and if I don't want anyone to know something, I don't tell anyone. [My membership of B-G is the only thing they've latched on to so far, and the reference states that I am a 'pearl star member'.]

So much so that here's a challenge! My name is unique, although there is a "Clive Blackeby" living "somewhere in Essex", whilst I live "somewhere near Manchester".

Prize for the first person to find my current address will be a "Jolly well done - much good it will do you as I'm moving house next week!"

But thought it worthwhile to highlight just how far things have gone in the world of "cyber-snooping" for the benefit of thise who are more sensitive

22-06-2008, 5:22 PM
Well, there's a surprise, Davran is actually a surname! Two people listed. However, as a person I don't exist ..... for which I am very grateful :D

Clive Blackaby
22-06-2008, 11:58 PM
Mary Anne and Peter...........

I have a friendly fox..... I'll send him to you!

Is your (North American) fox any good at chasing (North American) grey squirrels? If so, I'll sign the Visa sponsorship!!:D

23-06-2008, 7:36 AM
And I googled my name christian / surname and came up as ................"the face, the voice" , oh dont I sound lovely.

But then again, it doesnt actually say what type of face or voice !