View Full Version : Hi all, I am new and looking for DOBSON in Dundee

06-04-2008, 12:32 PM
I had a look at this site late last night and it turned into a very, very late night! Marvellous stuff and wonderful reading.

I wondered if you experts would mind pointing me in the right direction so I can do a little more digging in the hope of tracing my birth mother.


06-04-2008, 3:06 PM
Hi I have sent you a private message

06-04-2008, 6:59 PM
Hi again all,

It would appear that I have breached forum guidlines and for that I apologise. My specific queries pre edit were namely are electoral roles available for 1960's? Also any general advice that anyone may be able to offer. Thanks to all who have taken the time ad trouble to PM me. I am most grateful.

Regards, Carole

06-04-2008, 7:20 PM
Hi Carole
Old electoral registers are usually held by local libraries & also by county archives. Try searching for the nearest library to the address you are looking for, ring them up & ask to be put through to the reference section. Ask the librarian if they have the relevant dates. If it only takes a short time & they are not too busy, they may do the lookup for you. If not, then you may need to send them an email.