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23-03-2008, 1:26 PM
Hello Again
I have just read the replys to my original post did'nt realize there was so many. To answer the question why do I use capitals is simply habit, the job I do requires we use capitals for clarity as hand writing varies so much. I'm afraid our boss has not yet reached the 21st century, and writing this in lower case has taken me longer because I'm having to really think about it.
Will try to remember but I promise I was not shouting

23-03-2008, 1:36 PM
You know what annoys me, Kim?

I type by looking at the keyboard and not the screen. I hate it when I get to the end of something, only to discover that I've had the caps lock on, but have been typing merrily using the shift key for the beginning of sentences.


I then have to re-type the blasted thing! :D

Glad you decided to stay. :)

23-03-2008, 1:49 PM
A suggestion for you, Kim, as you find it easier to type all in upper case: |idea| type it that way in your word processor, then format it to Sentence Case and copy and paste it into the forums. Itís also easier in a word processor (I use Word) to highlight surnames and format them to Upper Case, and also to spell-check your work before posting it. I can spell when I'm hand-writing, but my fingers get in a knot when Iím typing! ;)

Jan, if you've typed a lot before discovering the "Oops" - don't wast your effort - you could copy it into your word-processor, change the case and pop it back on the forums.

23-03-2008, 1:53 PM
Jan, if you've typed a lot before discovering the "Oops" - don't wast your effort - you could copy it into your word-processor, change the case and pop it back on the forums.

Thanks, I might try this when my brain is in technical-mode. Anything much beyond basic typing is usually beyond me...

23-03-2008, 2:10 PM
Thanks for that will do that in future

23-03-2008, 2:32 PM
Thank you Kim for deciding not to go, I'm always concerned when a disagreement breaks out as I've seen too many good and helpful members of forums leave because of insufficiently considered phrasing of posts.

I fully appreciate your problem in that typing something in sentence case takes longer for you, for me it takes longer to read and understand something in all upper, or all lower case. Somewhere along the line someone has to take longer over it.

I agree with Squaredancer's suggestion - although I'm running such an old version of Word on this machine that it doesn't seem to understand what Sentence Case is. I do however, regularly make use of SHIFT + F3 to cycle between all caps, all lower case, or initial caps (especially in school, where as soon as a pupil sees that they've got it all in caps they hit the backspace button and wipe out the last 15 minutes work - which is where CTRL + Z comes in so useful, too).

I am lucky enough to be a reasonably efficient touch typist, so I can look at the screen. However, I find that my own posts take a long time, because I always read them through a couple of times before pressing the submit button, and if they are in any way controversial, I get another member of the family to read them through too (as I have this one), as it is so easy to assume one meaning to something, and not notice another possible interpretation. I have read that only about 10% of a communication is the actual words used. In normal speech the rest comes from intonation and body language - emoticons only give us back a small percentage of this in typed messages.

I agree with Geoffers on the other thread, this is a matter for a PM - dare I suggest that this is also a matter for the moderators?