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20-03-2008, 1:30 PM
Ronald Macdonald and wife Flora MacKinnon came to Prince Edward Island, (then Isle of St-John) in 1772. Their son Lauchlin was of the trip, their other children Roderick, Isabella,Mary and John (grandfather of my great great great-grandfather Ronald MacDonald of Quebec). I do not which of the other children were born in Scotland. Lauchlan was surely born in Invernesshire,Scotland. On the ship manifest(The Briggs Alexander) Ronald MacDonald is said to be from Allisary. In a book named Past and Present of Prince Edward Island,(by D.A. MacKinnon and A.R. Warburton) Ronald MacDonald is said to be younger son of the chief of Morar, Clan MacDonald. I would like very much to know who were the parents of Ronald and Flora MacKinnon( she might have been daughter of John Dubh Lord MacKinnon). Please help! |help|

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20-03-2008, 5:11 PM
Have you looked at the ScotlandsPeople website?
This is the official website for the General Record Office of Scotland. It is pay-per-view, but has records going back to 1553.

You might also like to visit the TalkingScot forum. This is a site dedicated to Scottish research and there are some very knowledgeable and friendly people on there, too.

07-04-2008, 3:06 PM
Hi There,
I am so happy I happened upon this website! I live in PEI and I am a direct descendent of Ronald MacDonald and Flora MAcKinnon. I believe Ronald MacDonald was my great x4 grandfather.
I am researching his line as well. I believe Lady Flora Mac Kinnon was the daughter of John MacKinnon and Margaret MacLeod.(I have found a sibling of Flora named Helen). John MacKinnon was the son of John Dubh MacKinnon (29th chief of MAcKinnon) and Penelpoe Sharp.
I have Ronald's son Lauchlin having 8 chilren. My ancestor, his brother Roderick was born in Scotland . He marries a Nancy Ann MAcDonald and has 10 children.(one of which is my great great grandfather James born 1824.)
It is really difficult to sort through the MacDonald lineage as there were so many people with the same name ie Ronald ,Mary, Donald etc.
Hope to hear from you soon.

10-11-2010, 12:57 PM
Flora McKinnon was almost certainly the daughter of John Dubh. John Dubh was the McKinnon chief, ie he was "Lord McKinnon" from the death of his grandfather around 1700 until his own death on May 7, 1756. John Dubh and his first wife Penelope Sharpe are recorded to have had two children: John bc 1706 and died 1737, and Penelope bc 1710 and died 1740. John the son married Margaret McLeod in 1727 and had four daughters:Penelope who married Johm McDonald of Sanda,Helen who married Peter Stuart of Campbeltown, Florence who married Ranald,1th Chief Clanranald, and Margaret who died unmarried. John Dubh married at least once more and had children by wife Janet McLeod:Charles b 1753 who became chief at John Dubh's death, Lauchlin, and Margaret. John Dubh's son John never was chief because he predeceased his father, thus his daughter's were not "Ladies". While there is no record of John Dubh and Penelope Sharpe having a daughter Flora in the 1720-1725 timeframe, the evidence points to it. "Cousin to John Stuart" who sold land to Flora's children works, and it is highly unlikely that John Dubh had children before 1720 and then again in the 1750s, but none in-between.