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30-01-2008, 9:00 PM

I have recently started filling out a family tree - I have been able to trace back 4-5 generations.

Now I am trying to fill in some addtional details regarding my grandfather (Martin Warde). He was born in Rutherglen, Scotland in 1905. His Mother (Martha Forsyth) died in 1910 and he was subsequently left at an orphanage by his father (Martin). He was sent to work on a farm in scotland and was treated very poorly - he returned to the orphanage and was sent to Ireland to work on another farm. He later returned to Scotland to find the man that beat him as a child (or so my father would have me believe) but met my grandmother instead.

I am interested in finding out where he was placed if indeed that kind of information was even recorded at the time. I have contacted a couple of organizations such as the Quarrriers for info. Can anyone shed any light on researching early twentieth century orphanges/orphan asylums.

Sadly, I do not have word of mouth sources to rely on as those in the know are no longer with us.