View Full Version : The graves of PVTs Hall, Smith and, Gray!

Stephen M. Kohler
19-12-2007, 6:45 PM
The graves of Private James Hall, Private Thomas Smith and, Private Patrick Gray
There are two graves containing the remains of British Soldiers killed in Concord, Massachusetts. At Concord Bridge there are two soldiers buried in a single grave. A third soldier is buried in a grave on Monument Street in Concord town center. The two graves are marked by stone markers. British military records indicate that there were three soldiers (all privates in the 4th Regiment) missing and presumed dead after the North Bridge fight: James Hall, Thomas Smith and Patrick Gray.
On the stone marker at Concord Bridge there is a stanza of a poem called “Lines” by James Russell Lowell that reads: “They came three thousand miles and died, To keep the past upon its throne. Unheard beyond the ocean tide, Their English mother made her moan”

Is there anyone researching these soliders?

Washington, DC