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28-10-2007, 6:52 PM
Referring to my last post about MACLELLANs I have found out that he was actually James "Blood" Hannah who was playing football in the late 1800's. His one cap for Scoland was in 1889.

Could someone please lookup the 1861/1871/1881 Census and see if they can find him as the son of Neil HANNAH and Mary NELSON just to clarify that he is the brother of my ancestor.

If he is the right one, his sister Jeanie was born in 1856 she married in 1878.



28-10-2007, 7:10 PM
Found the following in 1861:

Name: Neil Hannah
Age: 27
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1834
Relationship: Head
Spouse's name : Mary
Gender: Male
Where born: Glasgow, Lanark
Registration Number: 644/10
Registration district: Hutchesontown
Civil Parish: Glasgow Govan
County: Lanarkshire
Address: 60 Mc Neil St
Occupation: Mason (builder)
ED: 7
Page: 16 (click to see others on page)
Household schedule number: 86
Line: 20
Roll: CSSCT1861_112
Household Members: Name Age
Jean Hannah 5
Mary Hannah 25
Mary Hannah 1
Neil Hannah 27

But no James... when was he born?

28-10-2007, 8:09 PM
Sorry I don't know when he was born.

28-10-2007, 8:22 PM
No matter, Janiegirl as I've found him in 1891!

RG 12/4136
Mormon Street, South Bishop Wearmouth, Durham
James Hannah, 22, Professional Football Player, b Scotland
Bella Hannah, wife, 19, b Durham, Sunderland
Mary Hannah, dau, 2 months

He must have been quite young to have been playing football professionally in the late 1880s.

The only likely finding of him in 1881 is:

67 Bon Accord Street, Hebburn, County Durham
Samuel Hannah, 33, Rivetter, b Ireland
Anne Hannah, 31, b Scotland
James Hannah, 12, Scholar, b Scotland
John Hannah, 10, Scholar, b Scotland
Catherine Hannah, 6, Scholar, b Hebburn
Anne Hannah, 3, Scholar, b Hebburn
Joseph Hannah, 1, b Hebburn

There is another family of Hannahs with a James b Scotland, aged 13 over in Dearham, Cumberland but, as James was living in Durham in 1891, I think that it's unlikely.

So, if this is the right James Hannah in 1881 it looks like he's not the brother of your Jeannie.

28-10-2007, 11:05 PM
Hi Janiegirl,
James son of Neil & Mary Hannah was born 17 March 1869 at Hutchesontown Glasgow, they also had Jean 11 Aug 1855.

The James in Durham, a professional footballer (Found by Jan) on 1891 census is the correct age. There is a suitable marriage for James and the certificate will tell you if he is the son of Neil.

James Hannah & Isabella Potts Oct/Dec 1890 Sunderland vol 10a page 965

Cheers Jeremy

29-10-2007, 12:02 AM
Hi Janiegirl,
Living next door to James Hannah the Footballer on the 1891 census.

RG12/4136 Folio 65 Page 54
Bishop Wearmouth Durham
Mary Hannah widow 50
Anne dau 20
Lizzie dau 14
David son 28
Neil son 24 (all born Scotland)

This family fits in perfectly with this family on 1881 census:-
10 Gilmour St Hutchestown
Neil Hannah 48 Mason Journeyman born Gorbals Glasgow
Mary wife 46 born Glasgow
Mary dau 21
David son 19
Thomas son 17
Neil son 14
James son 12
Anne dau 9
Eliza dau 3 (all children born Hutchestown)

Besides these children Neil & Mary have:-
James 20 Sept 1857 (Does not appear on any census so must die in infancy.)
William Neilson 27 Aug 1873 (Does not appear on any census)
Jean 11 Aug 1855, your ancestor is on both 1861/71 censuses with the family.

This I think fairly well proves Jean & James the footballer are brother & sister.

Best wishes

29-10-2007, 7:30 AM
Well done Jeremy!
Didn't look at the next door neighbours, did I? (Doh!)
And I was blowed if I could find them in 1881.

29-10-2007, 9:01 AM
Thank-you so much, I think that is pretty much proof positive!!

A photo of the man himself!



29-10-2007, 12:26 PM
He seems a handsome man with a marvellous reputation in the football world, you must be very proud to have him in your family. Incidentally he was a publican by 1901 which ties in with the fact he seemed to retire from football, well Sunderland at least, in 1897.


29-10-2007, 6:06 PM
Thanks Jeeb

Can I ask do you know where and what pub he had in 1901?


29-10-2007, 11:28 PM
Thank you everyone.
The football fans in our family, male and female, are especially pleased with the help and information we've been given.
James seems to have been a talented player.
I'm going to check through our family photos to see who might look like him.
It was my late father in law, Janiegirl's Grandad, who had told the family about his football playing uncle but his name/nickname was all we had and now we have so much more!

Sue Mackay
29-10-2007, 11:44 PM
There are some team photos of James Hannah (tiny thumbnails but they do blow up a bit) at

30-10-2007, 7:23 AM
Thank you so much everyone for all your help. I would still be scratching my head about this one if it wasn't for you.

Football isn't something that interests me but I am more than happy to have him in my family.

When Sunpat and I started this family history research we never thought we'd find someone like him.


30-10-2007, 8:28 AM
Hi Janiegirl,
I'm afraid I don't know which pub.

1901 census
RG13/4712 Folio132 Page 22
St. Pauls Hendon, Sunderland.
10 South Durham St.
James Hannah 33 Publican born Scotland
Isabella 28 wife born Durham
Mary 10 dau born Durham
Annie 6 dau born Durham
James 4 son born Durham.


31-10-2007, 9:18 AM
Thanks for that Jeremy.

I'll do a bit of digging and see if I can find out what pub he worked at. Who knows - it may well still be standing.


19-11-2007, 8:56 PM
James Hannah was my great great grand uncle and i'd have never known about him if it wasn't for you so thanks


20-11-2007, 6:47 PM
Thanks Tracey

I can't take all the credit.

I only did some research about him because my aunt told me there was a professional footballer in that part of the family.|hug|

Big thanks to everyone on this site who helped out as well of course. :-)