View Full Version : Balmers of Jedburgh

16-10-2007, 6:48 PM
Does anyone have any links to the Balmers of Jedburgh or Roxburghshire in general?

My gtgtgt Grandmother was called Mary or Margaret Balmer bn c1810 (she seemed to change her age a lot) in Jedburgh. According to her death certificate her father was named William Balmer and his occupation was "travelling musician" on her brother's death certificate it was given "horse dealer" and her mother was named Marion or Margaret (again this differs between death certificates) Boyd.

But this is as far as I can get :( There are a lot of Balmers in the Jedburgh area at teh time but I can't seem to make that vital definate connection between them, I did at one point consider that William may be "Blind Wull Balmer" who was a friend and fellow smuggler of the Gypsy King Wull Faa II, but unless he was an older father I don't think the dates tally up.

Does he ring a bell with anyone at all?