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06-10-2007, 4:11 PM
I am trying to help a contact with a brick wall and the only information is sketchy, to say the least ;)

We have Harry or Henry Jones born circa 1880, possibly around Penygroes;
he died sometime during the 1914-1918 war (nothing relevant found on the CWGC site), while in the South Wales Borderers;he married Jean Nitte?, probably in Pontypridd, and their daughter was born in 1907 in Llanwonna, Pontypridd - her birth is the only definite thing we have.
There are some details on the back of a Christmas card - what else? ;)

"......he was married in Pontypridd whilst working there.He came down from Nantlle Valley in North Wales looking for work after the Slate Quarry had closed.
I presume therefore that my Grandfather was born either in Penygroes,Bryncir,or Garndolbenmaen"
Also -
"The mother of Harry/Henry was born in Somerset.She was a dressmaker.She moved from Somerset to North Wales and was a Governess at Plas Garndolbenmaen near Portmadog"

I haven't yet managed to find Harry Jones or Jean Nitte on the 1891/1901 census; they may or may not have been married until about 1905, and Jean was reputedly 'English born'
I have tried searching the relevant census years for a governess at Dolbenmaen but without success.

We did wonder if Nitte was really Knight, and although there are Nitte familes around the Lancs area, for example, I haven't been able to make any connection as yet.

I am currently looking at Ann Jane Knight, b. abt 1886, but I suspect she may be a red herring.
Any ideas or thoughts would be very gratefully received!

20-10-2008, 10:44 PM
On the off chance I looked in the 1881 census for a Harry Jones born in Caernarvonshire and only one came up.
Harry Jones, aged 7 months, b. Talysarn
Parents are John, 32, b. Llanestyn, Cvon and Jane, 34, b. Llanestyn. There are also 2 more sons and a daughter listed. Will check the 1891 census now.

20-10-2008, 10:57 PM
There are a lot of Henry Jones aged 2 years or younger in the 1881 census for Caernarvonshire, all have mums listed, but none are from Somerset

20-10-2008, 11:43 PM
I've checked every Harry and Henry Jones between 9 and 13 in Caernarvonshire in the 1891 census and none have a mother born in Somerset.