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mary elms
03-10-2007, 2:22 PM
Thanks to a forum member who spotted my 'Who's Who in Methodism' thread I now have a copy of 'The Methodist Local Preachers' Who's Who 1934'. (Thanks again Hugh!!!) This is a very similar book to the 1933 book except that it's fatter! It contains the same sort of detail.

There's also a short obituary section at the end for those preachers who died between January 1933 and September 1934. This gives the name of the preacher, the Circuit in which they preached and, where known, the year they were appointed as preachers, the date of their death and any other roles they had in the church.

If you think that one of your ancestors may have been a Methodist Local Preacher in 1934 or have been in the obituary list I would be happy to look for you.

In the meantime I shall continue indexing the 1933 book - see if I can finish it this time!


20-11-2007, 5:44 PM
Hello Mary

I wonder if you might look for a preacher by the name of Percy Metcalfe of Sutton on the Forest near York.

I have been informed that he preached around this area and at Easingwold, I would be very grateful for any information.

Kind regards


mary elms
20-11-2007, 7:21 PM
Hello Chrissy,

I'm afraid there's no Percy METCALF(E) / MEDCALF(E) either in the 1934 list of local preachers or in the 1933 lists of ministers and lay officers. What are your man's dates? Would he have been alive in 1934? If he was a Methodist preacher in 1934 is it possible that he belonged to one of the churches that stayed outside the union in 1932?

The Metcalfs in the '1934 Who's Who of Methodist Local Preachers' are -

Henry Wardill MEDCALF born Skipsea Brough 1873
Jospeh MEDCALFE born Dalton in Furness 1880
Arnold Charles METCALF born Birmingham
Bernard METCALF born Harborne 1910
H A METCALF living in Grimsby
J S METCALF living in Birmingham
Thomas Wiliam METCALF born Holme 1880
John METCALFE born Shipley 1868
John METCALFE born near Pateley Bridge 1857
John METCALFE born Swaledale 1878
John Auton METCALFE born Askrigg 1893
John Richard METCALFE born Nelson 1911
N METCALFE living in Leeds
Richard METCALFE born Eastburn 1876
Robert Henry METCALFE born Barnard Castle 1871
T METCALFE living in Kendal, Westmorland
Thomas METCALFE born Low Row 1883
Thomas Jackson METCALFE born Wolsingham 1892

If any of these are of particular interest I'd be happy to give you the details.

Best Wishes,


21-07-2009, 1:40 PM
Hello Mary
Are you still indexing the Methodist Local Preachers' Who's Who?
I don’t know if you can help me but my Gt Gt Grandfather, Robert Bottoms, was a Lay Preacher who died in 1937 at New Branspeth, Durham. This is what I know of him:
Robert Bottoms was an active Methodist all his life and the oldest preacher on the Brandon and Deerness Valley Methodist Circut, Robert preached for 67 years; preaching nearly 1,000 sermons while in the Crook Circuit alone. Other circuits he has served at include Durham, Newcastle and Bishop Auckland. There were times when he would walk over 20 miles to fulfil his duties. When Mr Bottoms began to preach he could neither read nor write. His wife used to read passages of scriptures to his, which he memorised, and along with verses of hymns he would build his sermons. By assiduous efforts he later taught himself to read and write. (This was taken from a newspaper article about his funeral).
An interesting ‘snippet’ I found out about Robert was the following;
The Wesleyan Methodists at Ushaw Colliery are first recorded as holding their meetings in 1894. Two leaders of the movement from New Brancepeth, Robert Bottoms and Isaac Wood are remembered as helping with the first services which were held in the colliery house of Mrs Metcalfe. Later the mine owners, Pease & Partners, allowed them to use 'the huts', a row of 12 wooden houses which had been used to accommodate the first workmen.
I believe that his wife, Jane Bottoms (nee Lock), may also have had an obituary written about her in the Local Preacher’s Magazine about June 1903. She died in April 1903 aged 64.
Hope you can come up with more information about Robert & Jane Bottoms.

mary elms
07-08-2009, 12:11 PM

Apologies for taking so long to answer.

I can't find a Robert BOTTOMS in the Local Preachers' Who's Who 1934. If he was no longer actively preaching he may have decided not to have his details included - though he would still have been on the plan as a local preacher.

There is a Thomas BOTTOMS in the book - born in Croxdale in 1876.
Also a Daniel Wade BOTTOM (b. Worksop 1913) and a Thomas BOTTOM (born Huddersfield 1886).

Let me know if any of these are related.


lorraine smith
14-04-2011, 9:05 PM
Hello Mary,
I have a thomas johnson holmes b1840 solicitors clerk and lay preecher at easingwold.He married mary hannah mountain b1847 from sherriff hutton. I would be very interested in anything you can tell me about him.
thank you

Nick Smith
23-02-2012, 11:11 AM
Hi Mary, got a bit stuck looking for Rev Neil Wilson, my grandfather, was Oakham circuit 1920s and overseeing amalgamation of primitive and wesleyan later in Leek in 1960s, also had been in Norfolk and many others he died around 1983 in Canterbury - do you have any biographical info he was born in Chicapee, Massachusetts in 1894 I believe

Chris Doran
23-02-2012, 4:52 PM
The details don't quite match, but "Minutes and Yearbook of the Methodist Conference 1981" p 94 has for Neil Wilson: "Born in America on 18th February 1889, ... He served in the following circuits: Oakham, ... His wife died in 1976 and in May 1980 he came to live with his daughter in Canterbury ..." Died 28th February 1981. If this looks like him, I'll OCR the whole obit (1/3 A5 page).

Chris Doran
23-02-2012, 9:43 PM
Well, as it almost certainly is him, I've done the OCR while I have a moment and before the book goes walkies:

NEIL WILSON : born in America on 18th February 1889, and spent most of
his childhood and youth in Glasgow, until he entered Hartley College in 1914.
Ordained in 1920 in Great Western Street Church, Manchester, he later that same
year married Dora Mary Crabtree. He served in the following circuits: Oakham,
Castleford, Swaftham, Aylsham, Burnbank (Hamilton), Glasgow (Parkhead and
Burnbank), Alston, Sowerby Bridge (Sowerby New Road), and Leek (Bethesda),
where he retired at the age of seventy. In his retirement he continued as Free
Church Hospital Chaplain for a further eleven years, during which time he also
conducted Sunday services in the Chester and Stoke District. A preacher of
conviction, he always spoke with a note of authority, and as an assiduous visitor he
was well-liked wherever he went. What he lacked in physical stature he more than
made-up for with an energetic personality which was never satisfied with second
best, either in himself or in others. However, shortage of inches never prevented
him from being a keen sportsman, playing soccer until he was forty-five and tennis
until he was sixty-seven. His wife died in 1976 and in May 1980 he came to live with
his daughter in Canterbury and suffered a stroke later in the year. Though
increasingly confined to his bed, he never lost his vigorous sense of humour, nor his
interest in life, especially in sport. He was ready to die and his wish was granted on
the 28th February 1981 in the ninety-third year of his age and in the sixty-fifth year
of his ministry.
To find exact dates at the various places he served, you'll need to consult earlier yearbooks, which I don't have, or maybe the relevant telephone directories are on Ancestry.

Nick Smith
24-02-2012, 9:18 AM
Well, as it almost certainly is him, I've done the OCR while I have a moment and before the book goes walkies:

To find exact dates at the various places he served, you'll need to consult earlier yearbooks, which I don't have, or maybe the relevant telephone directories are on Ancestry.

Thanks Chris it is definitely my grandfather - thank you so much! I have just got to try and find out when my g-grandfather emigrated. Nick

01-04-2014, 8:40 PM
I am searching for information about my late grandfather Mr Harry Bernard Willis who was a lay preacher in the Ross on Wye area but appeared to preach on a circuit in the area. I understand he used the name Bernard mostly. I have very little information about him at this time. He married my grandmother, Lily Margaret Malpas, who was his second wife in the last quarter of 1931. I understand the Methodist Local Prachers Who's Who 1934 may be a possible resource for obtaining more information. Many thanks.

03-04-2014, 4:18 PM
Hello Mary

I have only joined this site a couple of weeks ago and on looking through the postings I noticed this old one of yours and I noticed that you have the name of one of my ancestors name in the list of Methodist preachers from 1934. His name was Thomas Jackson Metcalfe from Wolsingham, he was my grandmother,s cousin. I was wondering if it gave any details of him in your book. I also had a gt uncle.....Vincent Iley, and a gt granda ...Joseph Collingwood Iley, who were lay preachers. I don,t know if you are still on this site so I hope you get my request.

Thank You

04-04-2014, 7:40 AM
Mary has not visited the site since 2010 and we don't know if the email address she gave is still active. Please don't be too disappointed if you don't get a reply

28-04-2014, 8:41 AM
Not too practised in how these threads work. Is this the place to enter a new query? I would like to find out if the 1934 Who's Who would have a record of a local preacher in Wesleyan and then Methodist Church called John Robert Slater, known as Jack. His church was Husthwaite in Easingwold circuit, N. Yorks. I'm just not really sure if he was the relative who was indeed the preacher.

28-04-2014, 11:03 PM
Hello Ray and welcome to British-Genealogy :smile5:

Mary, who offered to do look ups for Methodist preachers hasn't been on the forums since 2010 and has not answered posts since then so it does look as if you will not receive an answer from her re your request.

I did a google search and found This (http://www.wesleyhistoricalsociety.org.uk/genealogy.html) site which shows who holds the records and links to other sites. It may help you.


mary elms
05-05-2014, 8:38 AM
Hello Ray,

I have indeed been very absent ... current family history ... Is this the entry you were looking for?

SLATER John Robert b. Nelson 1896 e: Local m. Florence Holt. Solicitor. y.a. 1922 c: Nelson,Scotland Rd. c.o: Trust Treas, Ex S.S. Supt. p.o.: Ex T. Councillor a: Nelford, Higher Reedley Rd, Brierfield & 24 Carr Rd, Nelson, Lancs t: 911


born: Nelson 1896 educated: Local married. Florence Holt. Solicitor. Year appointed: 1922 Circuit: Nelson,Scotland Rd. Church Office: Trust Treasurer, Ex Sunday School Superintendan. public office: Ex Teacher. Councillor address: Nelford, Higher Reedley Rd, Brierfield & 24 Carr Rd, Nelson, Lancs telephone: 911


mary elms
05-05-2014, 9:27 AM
Hmmm ... is it that long ? Oh dear :frown5:

METCALFE Thomas Jackson b. Wolsingham 1892 e: Elem & Sec Sc m: Annie Florence Sanderson d: 1 Teacher of Handicraft y.a.: 1914 c: Darlington South c.o.: Soc Stwd, Ex S.S.Supt., asst Organist, Guild Sec. Ints: temperance a: Taylors Cross Fm, Bude, Cornwall


born. Wolsingham 1892 educated: Elem & Sec Sc married: Annie Florence Sanderson ddaughter: 1 . Teacher of Handicraft year appointed: 1914 circuit: Darlington South church office.: Society Steward, Ex Sunday School Superintendant., assistant Organist, Guild Secretary. Interests: temperance address: Taylors Cross Fm, Bude, Cornwall

mary elms
05-05-2014, 9:53 AM
I think this may be him Claire

WILLIS Harry Bernard b. Wing, Leighton Buzzard 1872 e: Elem. Grocery Traveller y.a. 1903 c: Wye Valley Missn c.o. Chapel Stwd & All Ch Offices except Conf Rep. Ints Reading Rec: Gardening a: Westholm, Ashfield Park Av, Ross-on-Wye


born Wing, Leighton Buzzard 1872 eudacted: Elem. Grocery Traveller year appointed. 1903 circuit: Wye Valley Missn church office: Chapel Steward & All Church Offices except Conference Representative. Intereststs: Reading Recreations: Gardening address: Westholm, Ashfield Park Av, Ross-on-Wye

05-05-2014, 9:56 AM
Hmmm ... is it that long ? Oh dear :frown5:

Hello Mary,
welcome back.:smile5: I am so glad you still have the same email address and Ray was able to make contact and receive your help.
If life isn't too demanding at the moment why not hang around and become re-acquainted with Brit-Gen?


05-05-2014, 3:51 PM
Thank you for your reply Mary.