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01-10-2007, 1:43 AM
I am seeking information regarding my Grandparents relatives STANTON.
My grandmother was HUDSON and my grandfather WARREN. I have reason to believe STANTON came through the HUDSON side. I know a son was called Edward born about 1900. The family owned a silk factory in Lewisham, London.

03-10-2007, 1:49 AM
SUCCESS! Thanks to my wonderful helpers Birdlip (Warren)and Wirral(Stanton) I now have this puzzle almost solved. Thank you so much for fitting this jigsaw together for me. The silk factory was the clue.
I was correct that the Stanton connection came through the Warren side but had no idea it went back to 1851.
Three cheers for this wonderful forum. I am hoping that one day I will be clever enough to help someone else!