View Full Version : St.Mary's Cowes Lookup

Sue Mackay
08-09-2007, 3:11 PM
If anyone has access to the registers fror St.Mary's, Cowes, I would be grateful for a lookup. A new entry has appeared on the IGI for the baptism of Arthur GILSTAIN in St.Mary's for 3 Jan 1822. Arthur was the son of another Arthur GILSTAIN and his wife Frances, nee BROADBROOK (first husband Richard MAHONY) who were married in Cork, Ireland in 1819. Arthur was a soldier in the 49th Regiment, and in 1822 the regiment left Ireland and sailed for the Cape of Good Hope. Arthur remained as a clerk to the Deputy Quartermaster General at Cape Castle when the regiment moved on to India in 1826. having served 40 years since the age of 10 :eek:

I would love to know if there is any further information on the parish register to explain why Arthur and Frances had their child baptised in Cowes. I suppose it could simply be that they were en route from Cork to Chatham when Arthur junior decided to put in an appearance!

Arthur Junior later married Helena BROADBROOK, presumably a relative of his mother's, after she travelled to South Africa in 1859 with the Aided Immigration scheme. They lived in Richmond until Arthur decided to try his luck at the diamond fields and was murdered. I descend from his brother Edmund William who was born at the Cape.