View Full Version : Where does my Signature Go ??? test

ET in the USA
06-08-2007, 12:49 AM
When I preview a post, the signature is there. When I submit it and look at the finished post on the forum, the signature has gone. It appears on my profile and the box is checked under 'show your signature".

Where does it go and why ? This is a test to see if it really does go away.

ET in the USA
06-08-2007, 12:51 AM
"This is a test to see if it really does go away"

I sure don't see it, but it was clearly there before I hit submit.

06-08-2007, 1:02 AM
Hi ET,

I can see it.

Can you see other signatures?

Mine is just Doug

06-08-2007, 1:57 AM
the box is checked under 'show your signature"

Assuming that you mean "Show signatures" in the "Thread display options" bit, then I don't know, ET - I too can see it.

ET in the USA
06-08-2007, 3:33 AM
Actually, I meant the "show signature" box under the "place to type your reply" box. Now that I have been spurred to look for the other "show signature" box and have found it , I can see IT too. [it is a miracle !!]

So, now that I have your attention, what is an 'avatar' ? The box below the show signature asks if I want to see them or show them, I forget which, anyway I looked the word up in a dictionary and got "Hinduism - a God's coming to earth in bodily form". Somehow I don't think the forum options is asking exactly that .... but what is it asking?

Thanks for all your help on the last problem. I guess my signature , which only I couldn't see, says it all :)

06-08-2007, 3:39 AM
The Avatar is a picture that appears next to your forum name. Only a favoured few (such as Mythology) have been granted the ability by the Administrators to make use of them.

ET in the USA
06-08-2007, 5:16 AM
Thanks. Now I know I don't really care if I see them or not !! That is, seeing flying pink elephants does not enhance my genealogy experience.