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blue eyes
26-06-2007, 6:21 PM
A few days ago my brickwall had been knocked down. If only I had plucked up enough courage to contact an uncle who I hadnt seen for 10yrs and b/4 that in 1978. On Sunday I did spoke to my aunt and to my uncle on Monday.
I wanted to ask if he had grandads ww1 medals (which he did) as I had not realised that there would be an inscription well on one of them anyway. Grandad had changed his name and the rumour he was born out of wedlock, which he wasnt and probaly thats where the rumour started because of his name on the cert and the name he was known as .Back in 1996 I obtained a birth certificate as mum had told me of a surname she remembers a a young girl being mentioned. There he was but no proof it was him. Anyway getting back to Sunday apparently my uncle and his wife had seen the contents of his birth certificate years ago but I was always under the impression he had a certificate but no one had seen it. Bingo it was the same as the one I had got, so now wer're meeting up to discuss grandad and I have also accumalated a bit of info along the way. There must be a morale to this, but I suppose that dont be shy in coming forward. 2 days b/4 that another brick wall had been knocked down, so I really chuffed but now this has opened up another brickwall or so it seems.

27-06-2007, 1:12 PM
Well done Julie! |hug|