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03-11-2006, 8:03 PM
News clipping from (West Coast Advertiser?) Bernera, Isle of Lewis Scotland

(possibly August 1942 as my uncles were sent on forced leave prior to the Dieppe Raid as a ruse for the Germans).

Back to Their Depots -- Quite a few of our local lads on active service have been home on leave lately, and of these the following have now returned to their ships and depots: -- L/Cpl. James Mackenzie, R.A.S.C., 3 Croir; Angus Mackenzie, R.N.R., 3 Croir; Pte. Fergus Ferguson, Scots Guards, 5 Croir; John Maciver, R.N.R. 14 Tobson; John Macdonald R.N.R., 16 Tobson; L/Bdr. John Macdonald, 16 Kirkibost; John C. Mackenzie, R.N.R., 18 Kirkibost; Second hand Norman Macdonald, R.N.R., 24 Kirkibost; Second Hand Callum Murdo Macdonald, R.N.R., 24 Kirkibost; Donald Mackay, Merchant Navy, 22 Valasay; Angus Macdonald, R.N.R., 22 Valasay; Donald G. Mackenzie, R.N.R., 5 Hacklete; Staff-Sergt. John Maciver, C.A.M.C., 11 Hacklete; and Donald J. Martin, R.N.R., 17 Hacklete.

Scots Canadians on Leave -- Four Scots Canadians who are playing their part in the fight against Hitlerite Germany, and who have relatives in Bernera, were in the Island for a few days recently. Sergt. William Macdougall was for a few days on leave at the home of Mr. Morrison, 4 Kirkibost. Pte. Donald Matheson, R.C.D., who came over with a contingent last year, came up to see his maternal aunt, Mrs. Kenneth Macdonald, 21 Tobson. Pte Donald Roger Macdonald, and Pte. Wallace M. Macdonald spent a few days with their cousin at "Gearraidh Ur" Breaclet. Donald Roger and Wallace are two of five brothers on active service; four are in the army and a fifth in the navy. All five volunteered for war service and are stationed in England. They are grandsons of Donald Macdonald, twin brother of the late Mrs. Angus Macdonald--Bean Bhill--Breaclet, and brother of the late Norman Macdonald--Tormod Og-- Breaclet. [sic]

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