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Ray Fielding
03-09-2006, 4:50 PM
Samuel Gross was Private 3045 of the 81st Regiment based at Preston.
He died whilst serving overseas in either Ceylon or South Africa on his way home.
Thanks for any information

03-09-2006, 9:48 PM
Give us a clue what period we're talking about, Ray
Do you have any dates for Samuel Gross?

Ray Fielding
16-09-2006, 8:37 PM
Sorry about the omission. I am new to this procedure, thats my excuse.
Samuel Gross was born in Rochdale Abt 1861.
He married Elizabeth Ann Taylor born Abt 1866 in Rochdale at Eversly Chapel in Rochdale (No date known). They had two daughters:
Winifred Gross b. 1/6/1885 in Ghorpwui, Puna, India; and
Edith Alice Gross b. 11/6/1897 in Colombo, Ceylon now Sri Lanka. She died at Yeovil 8/11/1990. I am suspicious of this last date as it would make her 102. Not imposible I suppose but it needs to be verified.
I would be most grateful foe any information but particularly dates.
Sorry if there has been a delay to respond but I only returned from holiday today.
Many thanks.
Ray Fielding

03-10-2006, 7:57 AM
I've found a reference to him in the roll of the army Long Service and Good Conduct medal:

3045 Colour Sergeant Samuel Gross, 2nd Battalion Loyal North Lancashire Regt
Date of recommendation for his medal was 1 July 1898. Qualifying criterion for the medal was 18 years exemplary service, so he must have enlisted ~1880.

81st Foot became the 2nd Bn Loyal North Lancs in 1881


03-10-2006, 3:36 PM
Also, the battalion appears to have served in South Africa between 1904-1907 but never in Ceylon. Does that tie in with what you know of his death?

Also curious about the information you have for the birth of his children. The dates and places tie in with the movements of the 1st battalion rather than the 2nd. 1st battalion was also in the South Africa during the Boer War 1899-1902.