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17-08-2006, 10:39 AM
Just thought I would like to tell you about a recent breakthrough I have had with my research. I was getting a bit downhearted with my side of the family as I am busy waiting for birth and death certificates to come through. (A long wait as I live in South Africa). Anyway I decided to concentrate on my husband’s family. His Surname is Muller. His father’s family were very sketchy on the details of the Mullers as there were rumours that his grandfather and grandmother’ marriage was frowned upon as she was from a lower class background. There was also talk of a Deed for land originally given to the family by Lord Charles Somerset, being argued about in the 1950s and a 99 year lease being up before the squabble was sorted out. Anyway, as we were both intrigued, myself and my husband went to our local library to do a bit of local history research, only to find documents that showed that the land that the library stood on was originally called “Welbedagt farm” Dutch for “Well thought out” and that it had belonged to my husbands family in the past. Also the town where it is situated was originally to be called Mullertown AND the road we lived on when we first moved here was originally called Muller Street, now called Main Street. With details of the family in hand I did a search on the net and found someone very distantly related who had also been researching the same family and had taken it back to 1695 in Holland (Obviously have to check all the info for myself, but have a great lead now.) But boy did they make life difficult. Nearly every son in the family named their first born boys Anthony Michael (or Anthonie Michiel) and the rest after their uncles. It must have made family gatherings very confusing. You shout out “ANTHONY!” and about 15 people shout back “WHAT?” One thing I want to look into though is that we found that my husband’s Great Grandfather (also an Anthonie Michael) was possibly buried in a cemetery that has now been built over by an “informal settlement” so we need to try to prove the relationship (and that the grave is actually there) in order to give permission for the grave to be moved to a more suitable location. Anyway it’s all very much more exciting than my family of Ag. Labs. (Oh and by the way I am currently 4 months pregnant with our first child, which will certainly not be called Anthony Michael)
Happy researching

17-08-2006, 11:46 AM
What an exciting story Sarah! It must have been really great uncovering all of these pieces of information. Makes my family history seem very dull by comparison!

Congratulations on your pregnancy...I hope all goes well. :)