View Full Version : meginness or other varients,help please.

david walker
17-08-2006, 6:11 AM
i am looking for edward meginness or meginnes ormeguinness and all other ways of spelling his surname iknow he married in australia in 1885 and also later ,what i need help with is either he was a native of antigqua or barbados,or his father,edward or george or james have been all first names used and all surnames also ,he married emily jane thomson in 1885 in australia,but i cant find him in antigua,can somebody help please.

17-08-2006, 8:41 AM
Hi David - it appears from this entry in the index that he may have been born Dalesford, Victoria? do you have the certificate?

Digger - Pioneer Index. Victoria 1836-1888
Given Names: Edward
Event: M
Spouse Surname/Father: THOMSON
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Emily Ann Jane
Sex: M
Birth Place: DFORD
Year: 1885
Reg Number: 6890

The reverse marriage shows Emily Jane born at Clunes. Are you sure that you have the right Edward, especially if you have conflicting parental names.

:) C

17-08-2006, 8:46 AM
is this the other marriage? shows same birthplace

Digger - Federation Index. Victoria 1889-1901
Given Names: Edw
Event: M
Spouse Surname/Father: NICHOLAS
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizth
Age Code:
Birth Place: DFORD
Death Place:
Year: 1899
Reg. Number: 1787

I'm including this death that happened prior to this marriage - just in case .. you can see that 'DFORD' is in Victoria - most likely Daylesford.

Digger - Federation Index. Victoria 1889-1901
Given Names: Edwd
Event: D
Spouse Surname/Father: Mcguiness Jas
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Elizth PHIPPS
Age: 49
Age Code:
Birth Place:
Death Place: Dford
Year: 1896
Reg. Number: 1469