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29-07-2006, 8:09 AM
Could any one point me in the right direction to go next?

I have finally found my GGG Grandfather's marriage after a lot of detective work. It was on the Pallot's Index all the time. Does anyone know if there are any other details available and where would I be able to get them? The entry is also on the IGI on the Later Day Saint's site, but it only gives the date and where the marriage took place. I have never had to look for Parish records so am at a complete loss where to start. The marriage was between Leonard Titchener and Mary Ann Millard - 1 June 1834, Saint James, Paddington, London (although Ancestry has it as Raddington, Somerset, which threw me)!!!

I would be very grateful for any tips.
Thanks in advance.


29-07-2006, 12:20 PM
As you are in Australia, probably your best bet is to order the microfilm copy of the register through your nearest LDS Family History Centre and take a print from that. I don't know what they charge per film, but I gather it isn't much.

(By coincidence, there's a Sydney marriage in 1854 that I want, and NSW State Archives can't supply it due to a restriction on copying, so I'll be using the LDS myself for the first time shortly!)

As you have the exact date, so it won't involve a lot of trawling, I *could* get a copy from the film at the London Metropolitan Archives and post it to you, but I avoid central London in August - after last week's visit, I won't be going again until about the middle of September - so it will probably be just as quick to get it through the LDS yourself.

Be aware that marriage records prior to July 1837 do not give a great deal of information. Basically, it will (or should - some don't even comply with the limited requirements of the time!) tell you whether either party is widowed, where they were living (parish, not a proper address), whether it was by banns or licence, and who the witnesses were, and that's about it, so don't expect too much from it.

30-07-2006, 6:21 AM
Hi Mythology

Thank you for replying. I will find out where my nearest LDS centre is and contact them. I was hoping that it would contain a bit more information. I know that Leonard came from Berkshire and Mary from Kensington, this from census information, but I have no idea where in Berkshire and am stumped as to how to find out. I cant seem to get any further than this marriage. Do you have any ideas as to how I can find out where in Berkshire Leonard could have come from. There are a lot of Titchener's from that area but I don't know which one's are mine!

Thanks in advance.

30-07-2006, 9:32 AM
"Do you have any ideas as to how I can find out where in Berkshire Leonard could have come from."

Not specifically, I'm afraid. Like so many of us, you're stuck with somebody who you don't have a proper birthplace for, just a county, and whether that means a dead end or whether you can get any further is usually a matter of luck.

For example, one of my fellows married a girl called Lucy Gosling. The only information on her other than an "age" from the census (quite likely to be inaccurate) was that she was born in "Suffolk". How many people called "Lucy Gosling" are there in Suffolk born at the right time, give or take a few years? Especially when you bear in mind that in most cases what you have in parish registers is just a baptism date, not a birth date, so a Lucy Gosling of "1772" could have been born in 1768 for all we know!
In this instance, I was lucky. Hubby left a will - and the three witnesses were all Goslings "of Alpheton, Suffolk", so by identifying them on the census and seeing where they were born (they weren't so vague!) I was able to piece things together.
In many other cases I've shrugged my shoulders and filed it in the "too many possibilities to be certain of anything" box.

Following up *all* known children, not just the one who you are descended from, can sometimes reveal something like an aunt or uncle staying with one of them who gives a more precise birthplace - again, it's a matter of luck.