View Full Version : Your Genealogy Collection ~ How organized are you ?

19-07-2006, 8:30 AM
Some started 40 yrs ago, others 30 or 20, maybe only 10 yrs ago.
So today, how do you rate yourself ?
Are you up-to-date with your work?
Is your work well organized as it should be?
Have you made great strides since youv'e been searching on the Web ?
Do you still go out to Libraries & FH Society office to search?
Would you say ' I am nearly there ' (I'm joking)
So what stage are you at today ?

BTW, do you still have all you stacks of research notes on paper even though you have double copies on CDs ?

I started in 1994. The first 6 years it was all snail mail. Loved it and had fantastic success. I visited our FH Soc office in Melbourne where I was a member till 2003. I was a weekly visitor at the State Library in Melb and a monthly visitor at the LDS Family Research Centre out of Melbourne. Joined the Isle of Wight FH Soc and the Berkshire FH Soc also the Naval History Research Office. Also corresponded with a quite a few FH Soc Offices in UK.

After about eight years of total concentration I started to slow down. It was all due to doing it in a lazier way on the Internet. Still made very good progress and have written to over 300 other researchers. A few of these are now good friends.

I am doing two One Name studies worldwide have very good data bases on at least six other families. The work does get tiring and its good to have a little (must be very short) break.

So today I give myself about 6 out of 10. A few brickwalls left but I'm quite pleased with my effort. How about you ?