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This I Will Defend
08-06-2006, 10:13 PM
I am looking for any information about Jessie MacDonald (maiden name unknown).

She was born about 1896 and died in 2000 (late may/early June) she had seven children Mary, Kenneth, Donald, Alistair, roderick, kirsty and Robina. As far as I am aware she spent her whole life living on the Isle of Skye. Certainly the last 20 years anyway.

Mainly I am interested in finding her parents and who her husband was.

I would be grateful for any information anyone may have


William Davidson
04-12-2006, 7:32 PM
Hi-I am Jessie Macdonald's Grandson.
Jessie was born 29/06/1898 and died 02/06/2000.
I am Kirsty's son but sadly my mother has passed away.
My Grandfather's name was William and he was a Roadman.
I believe he was about 20 years older than Jessie and passed away about 1968.

I can tell you more of what I know,as I am also interested in my Gran and Grandfather's family.

William Macdonald Davidson,