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Mistey UK
31-10-2004, 11:51 AM
Hiya Can anyone help me?. i am looking for information on my Grandad,
Patrick Langan. he was born in 1895. in Southern Ireland i think it was in County Mayo. i have looked him up on here but cannot find anything out. i know when he was 20 he then moved to Liverpool UK were then he met my Nan Maria Mcdonnell.

22-08-2006, 2:00 AM
i have langan in my family tree
from southern ireland
Thomas langan abt 1853 he married catherine dunn abt 1847
they had 4 kids

michael abt 1878
john abt 1879
catherine abt 1886
thomas abt 1888


15-09-2006, 12:49 AM
now looks like thomas j langan abt 1853 had a brother john arthur langan

d cooper
23-10-2007, 6:40 PM
my irish grandfather was Patrick Langan a sapper who died of his war wounds in 1918 he had a 3 year old daughter Mary and my mother Agnes Bertha was born in St Helens Lancs 3 months after his death. Mary had one son and Agnes had 3 live children

Alan Langan
29-03-2009, 11:04 PM
hello Mistey - I have a great Uncle Patrick from castlebar, co. Mayo born in 1895 & died 1971 to John Langan (1871) and Mary Mahon (1873). Patrick was one of ten children including John Francis (my grandad), Margaret, Louis (aka Luke) Christopher, Michael, Martin, James, May & Kate

Interestingly, Patrick came for Ireland to Liverpool but slightly later than 1915 as he had been serving during WW1 and returned to find his parents and siblings had all moved. He later joined them (1917 I was led to believe) and married a Mary McDonald (is this your McDonnell). They went on to have 6 children, Marion, Mary, John, Joseph, Jane & Margaret. If we have the same Patrick one of these children must have been your mother or father.

John and Margaret are the only surviving members of this immediate family though i am aware that these 6 children had at least 28 other Langan cousins. I am in regular contact with Margaret who has a daughter in Bebington - are you her?

alanlangan (at) btinternet (dot) com

11-04-2009, 2:33 PM
I am looking for the family of James Langan, born 1901 in Sligo town, Ireland, son of Thomas & Bridget Langan. Brother of Maurice, Robert, Harry and Sally.