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Mary Young
01-05-2006, 11:26 PM
WILLIAM FISHER, fisherman (s/o James Fisher & Christian Guild) married MARGARET BEATSON, flax mill worker (d/o Robert Beatson and Janet Morton) in KINGHORN, Fife on 30 Dec. 1860. It's a sad story.
1861 birth of JAMES FISHER
1863 birth of JANET FISHER
1864 birth of CHRISTIAN FISHER
1865 death of Christian
1866 birth of MARGARET FISHER
1869 birth of CATHERINE FISHER
1871 death of Catherine
1872 (8 Mar.) birth of HELEN FISHER
1872 (12 Mar.) death of mother, Margaret Beatson Fisher
1872 (30 Apr.) death of baby Helen
1878 death of Margaret (T.B.) age 12 in E.R.I., father's usual residence still Kinghorn.
So by September 1878 we have William Fisher age 43, James 17 and Janet 15. By 1881 they have vanished - does anyone know where they went?

Helen Morton
20-05-2006, 11:06 AM
G'day, my name is Helen Morton and I believe I am a direct ancestor of this line. Allow me to explain... My deceased dad, Duncan Mortons dad was William Morton, whose dad was also a Duncan Morton, married to Jane Hailstone/ Jean Hailstoner and here is where it gets tricky... the following is a copy of part of an email to me regarding her ancestors, which I am having trouble with myself as I am new to all of this....

According to Jane & Francis' marriage certificate, Jane was illegitimate
and her mother was also called Jane. However, Jane's birth certificate
from 1865 seems to indicate that her mother was called Christian. But
the 1871 census indicates that Christian was actually the grandmother,
the mother's name being Jane. Moreover there is another grandson called
Peter who also turns out to be Jane's illegitimate child. You will also
see that next door to Christian and Jane is William Fisher and his
family. I guessed that he was Christian's son (and so Jane's brother)
and indeed according to his marriage certificate (to Margaret Beatson)
his father was James Fisher and mother Christian Grilland(?).
Interestingly Margaret Beatson's mother was called Janet Morton (any
connection to Helen's family?) Unfortunately I couldn't find out
anything about James or Christian so can't make a connection with
Mandy's family. Her Fisher's seem to have originated in Kinross and then
moved to Markinch so there may well be a connection with Jane's side
from Kinghorn.

So you see, I believe Margaret Beatson may be part of my family tree. Hope this is all not too confusing for you, maybe you can help find out more about my tree?

Helen Morton

Mary Young
20-05-2006, 3:23 PM
Hello, Helen
Great to make contact with a possible rellie - either Beatson or Morton.
Well, I've been at this FH lark for quite a while, and still having trouble with it! Figuring out your correspondent's mail is very difficult, especially as he/she quotes so few dates and at least two Janes - and where does the name Hailstones come in?
Bring on the smelling salts and/or a large G & T.
I know very little so far about the Fishers. My interest was sparked by trying to find Margaret Beatson's surviving children - her great-niece Elspeth Beatson was my father's first wife. The extended family (including Fishers and Mortons) are on my web site (http://redhunter.com/cmy/ped-lewis/default.htm)
Would love to help get these people sorted out.
Assuming your correspondent sent them, could I see details of Jane's birth 1865, and the 1871 census page, especially Christian Guild Fisher's age.
Sorry to throw more questions at you - but that's the way it works, alas.

Helen Morton
21-05-2006, 6:24 AM
G'day Mary,
Yeh it's pretty cool, eh? Well I'm glad you know more about researching then me, I find it hard to get my head around, however it is encouraging to know that even the best of em have trouble at times. At this stage I only have a copy of the marriage certificate of DUNCAN McCOLL MORTON (my g.grandad, b20.4.1884) to JANE HAILSTONES (b1885) on 17.7.1905. The marriage certificate states that the brides parents are FRANCIS HAILSTONES (coal miner) and JANE FISHER (domestic servant).... the rest is information passed on to me last year through a contacts contact. I will try and find relevant documentation by going into a Mormon family history centre tomorrow if they are open or if not, Tuesday. Then I will let you know what I find out. (I do not have access to the census' at home)... If William Fisher is Jane's (? which Jane though) brother then i think that means that she is Margaret Beatsons' sister-in-law...Thanks for the link to your website, I have checked it out and found it very interesting. I can't work it out yet but I will keep trying and (thanks for the offer) appreciate any help you can give me. No, its cool, I expected more questions.

Mary Young
21-05-2006, 1:04 PM
Dear Helen
(Section 1)
Well I spent a few bawbees yesterday. And discovered that my William Fisher married Margaret Whyte 1873 , they are in the 1881 census with their own children, some of William's by his first wife Margaret Beatson (who it seems now had 9 children including a set of twins, in the 12 years of her marriage)....

Mary Young
21-05-2006, 1:06 PM
(Section 2)
Also looked for your Jane Fishers, and downloaded
1. 1865 birth of Jane Fisher, she was definitely illegitimate, mother's name given as CHRISTIAN FISHER, mill worker. informant Christian Fisher, mother (made her mark). I would give this credence as there is another illegitimate birth 1860 George Fisher to a Christian Fisher. This will be William Fisher's sister, Christian born 1837.
However, this conflicts with
2. 1887 marriage of Jane Fisher age 21 to Francis Hailstones, [no father cited] mother definitely shown as JANE FISHER, flax mill hand. I am wondering if this is the error, the name should be Christian?
3. 1900 death of JANE FISHER, mill worker. informant Christian Fisher, mother (made her mark). I would give this credence as there is another illegitimate birth 1860 George Fisher to a Christian Fisher. This will be William Fisher's sister, Christian born 1837.
I will send you these images.

Mary Young
21-05-2006, 1:06 PM
(Section 3)
What we need now, is a good study of the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census pages covering the James Fisher/Christian Guild family - and their near neighbours. Family names, relationships etc.
A major stumbling point - where was Jane Fisher aged 15 or 16, in 1881? I would expect her still to be in Kinghorn, where she was born and married. It would be a great help to find her with family, but I can't see her anywhere in UK. (I have 1881 including Scotland on CD)

Helen Morton
22-05-2006, 3:54 AM
"Bawbie?" I'm gonna assume that that means 'hours' - ?
You certainly look like you have been busy... thanks so much for all of your help... it is a lot of great information... Regarding section 1, I guess that means that William Fisher was married twice, am not sure now what that means as far as family links go. I will work it out when I have all the information in front of me tomorrow. Regarding Jane Fishers mother, did it state Christian as grandmother or mother on the 1871 census? (I will check that tomorrow). Oh, and thanks for sending whatever you are sending me. however I will go in to the family history centre tomorrow and get some help getting my head around it, and see if I can find out anything else.
from Helen

Mary Young
22-05-2006, 4:37 PM
Hi, Helen
A bawbee is an old Scottish penny - sometimes found when you blow the cobwebs out of your purse.
Update on William Fisher etc.
Well, William Fisher is still in Kinghorn, 1881. With a new wife, two of his first wife's children, two children by new wife ... and two of the new wife's illegitimate children, using Fisher name ... one baptised "James Whyte" transmogrified into "GLASS Fisher"
Also, three doors away, another of first wife's children ... named as grand-daughter of new step-grandmama (which of course she was not).
No wonder I missed them all at first. Time for another G & T or two .. or five.. |5cups|

06-09-2006, 11:35 AM
Hi I'm Sam Beatson. I have documents dating back a long way for Beatson family. The name Margaret Beatson seems VERY familiar to me. When I'm next home I will dig out the old records and see if it's same. Very interesting to know we may be connected.

Interesting Beatson fact:

Every other generation in my line has been a doctor going back to surgeon general's and doctor's to the royal family Sir George and Sir Robert Beatson. (father and son)

Also note "Beatson Institue Of Cancer Research" in Glasgow.

I finished my medical studies (and didn't become a doctor) breaking the pattern after literally over hundred and fifty years.

Mary Young
07-09-2006, 7:22 PM
Hello, Sam
Nice to hear from you. My Beatsons were all flax workers, miners etc. so if there is a connection to yours, we will be coming up in the world. :D

Isobel McDonald
02-12-2006, 11:51 PM
In addition to the daughters detailed in this thread, William and Margaret also had a son Robert Fisher, my great-grandfather. He was born in 1868. He married Christina Nicol in Leslie, Fife, in 1888. They had 8 children, the eldest of whom was my grandfather, William Fisher, born in 1889. Robert Fisher died in 1928. He was the stationmaster at Dunfermline and was killed in a railway accident. My grandfather William also worked on the railway and was also killed in a railway accident in 1944.

I am always very pleased to come across relatives on genealogy sites. I live in Glasgow, Scotland, by the way.

Mary Young
03-12-2006, 4:15 PM
Hello, Isobel
Yes it's always a pleasure to make a new contact - even if only distantly related by marriage! Your grandfather William FISHER, b.1889, was 2nd cousin of my father's first wife, Elspeth (aka Alice) Mitchell Gray BEATSON, b.1894 in Kinghorn. A picture of Elspeth on my website (shown as "Alice Lewis"). http://tinyurl.com/yyylyv.

Mary Young
29-08-2008, 6:47 PM
Note: I have moved my website. Here's the new link to ELSPETH (or ALICE) MITCHELL GRAY BEATSON, b.1894 in Kinghorn (first wife of my father, JOHN LEWIS).