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29-04-2006, 1:12 AM
Hello to all, I am a new member researching my family tree from a distance here in France.
I have got on very well (back to 1666) with the Dunstans in Cornwall, mainly because they were God fearing folk and I was able to look at Parish Records online, but am having trouble with the Markers in Llanelli.
Mainly because I can't seem to find Parish Records online in Carmarthenshire, the furthest I have got back is to Henry Marker 1813-1883.
I would love to hear of any modern Markers particularly if they also trace back to Henry.
Also I am interested to know if he had a brother Richard because a Marker of that name was born around 1820 I think and brought up a large family of similar names only a few streets away.

Salut, David.

29-12-2008, 11:38 AM
Well, just to update this thread and after being stuck and frustrated for a couple of years I finally made the trip to Llanelli a few weeks ago.
I have found that Henry Marker (b.1813) was the son of John (b.1776) and Susannah (Giles) Marker who were married in Ashbrittle Somerset around the turn of the century and that Richard Marker was indeed one of their childen and thus Henry's brother.
A search of Ashbrittle churchyard proved nothing but a local historian found one entry in the parish register, that of their marriage where John was described as a sojourner and, as I know that their 1st child, Mary, was baptised in nearby Tiverton concluded that maybe the Markers came from there.
In St.Elli's churchyard in Llanelli I found clear as day, the headstone of William Marker 1745-1833 as well as details of the lives of John and Susannah. So, back one more generation.
Did William accompany his son and daughter in law to Llanelli or did he follow later? Perhaps when his wife died?
I thought that this information gave me the link to England which I had always suspected (I don't think there are any 'k's in the Welsh language) but then discovered the (unconfirmed) information on another person's tree that both John and William were born in Llanelli and also vague details of 2 further generations, both Johns born in 1720 and 1699.
So perhaps they are an even older Llanelli family after all and that John did what his grandson William (my Gt.Grandfather) did, that is, went to England (or Cornwall) to marry his bride and have his first child before returning to Llanelli.
More questions than answers as ever!

So, anyone know anymore?