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29-10-2004, 4:44 PM
Robert Walker is listed in the various London census records as "born in Scotland", but never mentioned a particular town or county. He married Esther Aspinall about 1831, probably in Chelsea, Middlesex. She is the daughter of Robert Aspinall. Their son, Edward James Walker, b.1847 md. Louisa Gardner, b.1849, d/o Frederick George Gardner, b.1814, and Sarah Johnson, b.1818. My husband's grandfather, Edward James Dennis Walker,b.1868, was the s/o Edward James Walker and Louisa Gardner. The Walkers were listed as "Coachmen" in the Census records. They were listed in St.Luke, Chelsea records for many years.

In the 1881 Census, E.J. Walker and family were listed as living at 16 Hereford Bldgs. in Chelsea. E.J.D. Walker stowed away on a ship bound for Canada about 1882. He was sent to Goderich, Ontario to work on a farm to repay his passage.

For many years I have tried to locate other members of the family, but without any luck. Would anyone have a connection to these families? Any help would be appreciated.

Frann Walker

08-12-2014, 4:01 PM
Hi Frann,

I have been trying to contact you for a while now.

I have some info I think would interest you.

Hope to hear from you.

Stacy Garcia (nee Walker)

08-12-2014, 8:40 PM
Hello Stacy and welcome to the British-Genealogy forums :smile5:

Unfortunately Frann is no longer a member of Brit-Gen and so will not receive notification of your post. There is no way of contacting her via private message or email on this forum as all her personal details have been removed. This is a shame as you seem to have information that would be a big help to her.