View Full Version : Northwich flatmen moving to Liverpool

03-04-2006, 10:43 AM
My ancestors moved to Liverpool in 1860's from Northwich and were all watermen from the Weaver I believe, living in the Walton and Everton areas.
Does anyone know of any reason for the move? As I have come across other family's that made the same move to the same area at the same time.
Family name is Stelfox.

03-04-2006, 1:37 PM
Liverpool was an expanding & flourishing port then. Once one person settles in an area & does well, then you tend to get relations & neighbours following them & settling in the same area, often in the same street. It's only natural that someone coming from a small town or a rural area to a big city would stick with people they knew or had contacts through.

17-04-2006, 3:39 PM
I did wonder if it coincided with the opening of a new canal link to Liverpool from Northwich.